Working Out with the Front

I just listened to the first 8 tracks of MC Frontalot’s Zero Day while doing the 30 Day Shred workout video. It’s an intense 20 minute workout (that my fat ass struggled with a lot, possibly due to 2 days of not doing it, possibly due to eating 3 slices of Sicilian pizza for dinner, or possibly due to drinking half a pint of Troeg’s Java Stout just prior to working out). Sick of Jillian Michaels’s annoying voice and the bad dance music on the DVD, lately I have been muting it and playing music from one of the 3 iTunes libraries on our home network… tonight it was working out with the Front.

As a brief synopsis, I must say I dig the album a lot. I listened to it once through yesterday and this is my second time through (well half of it this time). Here are some observations…

First, it was fun and upbeat, which made it a good alum to workout to. The songs were all highly danceable and very much Frontalot. I couldn’t help but think of him dancing and working out along side me as I powered through my tough workout.

Second, the album includes a few awesome guest, but for me the tops of this list is Mr. Beef Thompson. Beefy is one of my favorite nerdcore fixtures and I was very happy to hear him spitting on a track with Front and the rappist known as STD. Not to mention that the song they do together is entertaining, clever, and thoroughly enjoyable in every way.

Finally, there is very little about this album I can complain about. Perhaps I’ll have a gripe or two with more listens, but I doubt it. As per usual, MC Frontalot is awesome and surrounds himself with awesomeness. I’d guess that at least 2 to 3 tracks from this become heavy rotation on the iPod in no time.


~ by thepaintedman on April 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Working Out with the Front”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Justin Harlan. Justin Harlan said: A little bloggity blog about @mc_frontalot 's new album. Some love in here for my dawg @beefyness ,too! (RTing is fun) […]

  2. I liked it, I just liked Final Boss and Secrets From the Future a bit more. But the more I listen to Zero Day the more it grows on me.

  3. @Kevin I WRONG! It was awesome….
    (I hope you recognize the quote from the album and are not offended by what would otherwise be a fairly dickish thing to say)

    I do love this album. Its my favorite Frontalot so far, but they are all so awesome!

  4. […] the forefront of the Nerdcore scene are Frontalot, mc chris, MC Lars, and YTCracker. Front is the godfather of the scene, coining the term and […]

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