Aaron's Flaws… in Scribbles

[rating: 8.5/10]

My new favorite bathroom reading is My Life in Scribbles Volume 1: 2009 by Aaron Brassea. It’s a compendium of his daily webcomic, published by Chainsaw Comics. Rather than issue a full on review of this collection, I decided to make a list of it’s flaws… just because I can.

First, the book lets slips a fatal flaw of Aaron’s life decisions, he uses Dell computers. The first issue with this is that he has opted to use a PC rather than a Mac. He clearly buys the “I’m a PC” ads when he should be listening to Justin Long instead. This is his hamartia and like classical heroes before him will lead to his downfall. I hope I’m wrong.

Second, he actually watched Punisher: War Zone. Why would any self respecting human being subject themselves to this type of torture?

Third, his choice in omelet filling is absurd. When given the choices of turkey, ham, hot dogs, and carrots by his wife, he chose carrots. Carrots? Really? Give me the hot dog omelet! Throw some American cheese on that biznitch while you are at it.

Fourth, he compares Bon Jovi to the Jonas Brothers… this is totally unfair… to the Jonas Brothers. The poor brothers have been manipulated by an evil mouse into becoming cheesy bubble gum pop. Bon Jovi, however, chose to produce horrible pop filth. This comparison is very unfair to Joe, Nick, and Kevin.

Fifth, and finally, Aaron does not depict life truthfully. I know this because I know for a fact that he spends hours and hours each day reading the wonderful posts on thepaintedman.com and has yet to draw a single cartoon even referencing this wonderful website. Shame on you, Aaron… shame on you.

All this said, I think that it is easy enough to overlook these flaws in Aaron’s work in order to embrace the goodness of the content within. Check it out now!


~ by thepaintedman on April 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Aaron's Flaws… in Scribbles”

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  2. That was a awesome read,You learn something new every day.

  3. yay! spam likes your review of my book!

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