Mundok Does What He Does…

…and does it well.


The Other Side, a seven track EP by Jason Mundok, is just another example of the modern folk hero’s down-to-earth brilliance. Lancaster’s brightest bearded guitar strummin’ son’s new EP is fun (“Ballad of Me”), introspective (“Risk of Faith”), and chock full of good joe (“Good Coffee Blues”).

I’ll start with my favorite track. It is the aforementioned “Ballad of Me” which references three of my favorite alcoholic beverages: porters, stouts, and bourbon. Any troubador with such good taste in intoxicating beverages has me hooked from first mention of dark and frothy brew. This fun introduction to Mundok serves as a good bit of insight into the singer-songwriter.

The title track serves as the opener, which happens to be one of my other favorites on the EP. Here Jason steps into the role of storyteller, a role he is quite comfortable taking. The story centers on a woman with no place to go. Perhaps she can’t go home because of an abusive husband, perhaps because she’s been kicked out, I can’t quite tell… however, I don’t think it matters. After the woman spends her evening in the local diner, watching town life pass from the other side of the window, an angel swoops in to save the forlorn woman. Touching and powerful, yet fun and quirky, a great example of Americana in the true folk tradition.

The EP features 5 more solid tracks delivered in the tradition of singer-songwriters like James Taylor, The Boss (Nebraska and Devils and Dust style), and Jackson Browne. “Little Things” teaches us all the important lesson that all big things start out small. “Jerry and Betty Sue” is a wonderfully cheerful and fun tune about a coupling falling in love thanks to a series of happenstances. The closer is the slower, more solemn “Risk of Faith” where an introspective Mundok channels Sweet Baby James at his best.

Best offering that Mundok has given his fans to date. Well worth a few bucks and a half hour. Grab your copy today.


~ by thepaintedman on May 3, 2010.

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