Ex-MRT Drummer Paints Town Red

Originally posted on Decapolis


While big band and swing music are not typically my first choice of CDs to pop into my stereo, I was very interested to hear than Christopher Tolomeo, formerly the drummer for Philly performance rockers Mercury Radio Theater, was putting out a CD of his solo music. Familiar with his work in MRT, as well as his work in swing band Call Me Crazy, I wanted to hear what he had to offer. What I found was nothing of a surprise, but rather exactly what I expected… another example of evidence to what an amazing musician Tolomeo is.

Playing the trumpet, coronet, piano, keyboard, drums, and other percussion on the album is quite impressive, especially with the technicality of many of the parts and solos within the songs. He also sings most of the vocals on the 9 track CD. He can’t do everything though, so he brings along a few friends from his previous projects and other musical endeavors to help out at times, notably guitarists Kurt Alford-Fowler (MRT) and Jesse Deal (CMC), saxophonists Thomas Razler (The Thomas B. Razler Quartet) and Jamey Robichaud, drummer Bill Bussone, bassist Dave Rogel, and vocalist Kara DeYoe. The combined product created by Tolomeo’s compositions and the aid of some fine musicians is a CD of stimulating music where the primary focus is on the fantastic songwriting and musical ability of Tolomeo himself.

Another item of note is how sound the production quality is for something self-released. Many self-released albums, in my experience, tend to have a lack of production evident. This album doesn’t seem so in any way. The liner notes credit the engineering, mixing, and mastering to Gregory H. Brady and Springfield Recording Studio, so I guess they deserve the credit for this. The production is superb.

So, I sound like a cheerleader for this guy, don’t I? Well, there isn’t much bad to say. It’s catchy, makes me want to snap my fingers, and even includes a song originally written for my favorite episode of Mercury Radio Theater (“Night of the Haunted Asylum”). A fantastic release for anyone who likes big band, swing, or show tunes. Chris Tolomeo has a knack for songwriting and a flair for the dramatic. This is a fun CD that shouldn’t be missed.


~ by thepaintedman on May 8, 2010.

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