Skeptic Sold on Dependency's Sound

The following review is the first of several guest reviews. It happens to be written by Jeremy Ritch; pastor of Hold Fast Ministries, country singer/songwriter extraordinaire, videographer, hardcore aficionado, and all around good guy.

If nothing else, what you need to know is that Jeremy knows hardcore, especially Spirit-Filled Hardcore.

Hope you dig it, because there’s a second dose of Jeremy tomorrow! For now, enjoy Jeremy’s review of Blood & Ink artists Dependency (and, check out other reviews of Blood & Ink Records, too).

Convicted by Dependency, Blood & Ink Records

I am a skeptic when it comes to Christian Hardcore as I have seen it rise and fall over the years. There was a time when you could find a bunch of solid bands on Christian labels then it was mostly a bunch of rip offs or just bad music. Blood & Ink has gotten things right a few times by putting out solid Hardcore from bands like Philadelphia’s Debtor and their best two bands ever Ten 33 and xLooking Forwardx. This brings me to Dependency from Nashville, TN and their debut EP Convicted.

The EP begins with a furious melodic hardcore track “Goliath” which sets the pace for what this record and band are going to sound like. As a product of 90’s hardcore I appreciate their style and sound. They are very reminiscent of Strongarm and that Florida sound of their era. They also seem to recapture the fire that drove the early spirit-filled bands and do so with quality writing. If you close your eyes you can imagine baggy pants and over sized t-shirts. I also caught a few songs that in a weird way reminded my of Ninety Pound Wuss at times. The sound quality on the record is great and produced enough but not too much. It was co-produced by Joe Musten of Advent, which could also be why this EP is so spot on. Advent is probably the best Spirit-Filled Hardcore band out there right now. Having someone like him onboard no doubt helped the musical but also the spiritual direction of this project.

Each of the 7 songs on Convicted are powerful and hit you pretty hard. The blend of melodic hardcore riffs, gang vocals and frontman Kyle Fesmire’s vocals make for a legit debut from a relatively unknown band. There is one song entitled “Forgiven” which is an ambient instrumental track and it is my only criticism of the record. It is not that I don’t like the song it is the placement on the recording. It comes third and seems like a good end track or outro. That is my one bad thing to say about an otherwise solid release from Blood & Ink who in my humble opinion are overtaking Facedown as the premier Hardcore label in the Christian market. If you are fans of melodic 90’s hardcore you will probably like these guys.


~ by thepaintedman on May 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Skeptic Sold on Dependency's Sound”

  1. I gotta tell you, I agree 100% . Great jams!

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