Blood & Ink Impresses Ritch Again

Another day, another Jeremy Ritch review of a kickass Blood & Ink band.

Revelation Through Tribulation by Thin Ice – Blood & Ink Records

This six song debut from San Antonio’s Thin Ice is a in your face assault of Spirit-Filled Hardcore. Like my previous review of fellow Blood & Ink band Dependency I feel this band is going back in time to recapture the roots of the SFHC movement. As a member of the hardcore scene for over 20 years and a witness to the original spirit filled movement I am very picky about who I endorse. These guys are showing me something, though only a six song release, I feel they have huge potential. This EP has elements that remind me of Figure Four, Buried Alive, and Hatebreed. Though a short listen. it gives you an idea of how heavy this band is and a better idea of what they stand for. There must also be a theme with bands putting ambient instrumental tracks smack in the middle of records. There is one here as well as on the Dependency record I reviewed. The weird thing is they are both Blood & Ink releases? Conspiracy theory? Perhaps!

I will say I like this record straight through. Each song is heavy, including the instrumental “Sackcloth and Ashes”, and it flows very well. The production is stellar for what is describe as a “glorified demo” by this Texas outfit. The band doesn’t even have a complete line up yet but still puts forth a quality record many seasoned bands would be envious of. The final song entitled “The Ghost” breaks a bit from a straight hardcore onslaught to a more melodic Comeback-ish track. It fits however and is a perfect end to the record. Overall, I would say this is a solid debut for a band that seems to still be getting their sound nailed down. It is a fine representation of what Texas has to offer and hopefully we will be hearing more from these guys soon. If you like hardcore and specifically Christian hardcore I would recommend these guys and start checking Blood & Ink often as they seem to have gotten the message about a need for good SFHC bands. Also for true hardcore fans check out their cover of “Reflections” by Trial on their MySpace page. It sold me on these guys and that ain’t easy.


~ by thepaintedman on May 28, 2010.

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