Memorial Day Means FREE MUSIC

Read the interview below and download the free tracks towards the bottom. Hope your holiday is well… cheers!

I can chat while I work on some stuff if you wanna do a little nifty interview now.

Sure thing man.

So, let’s start simple? How are you doing today?

Today, I’m nominal.  How are you?

Working from home today, actually get a lot accomplished, so that’s good.


So, what’s new in the musical world of Mr. Tolomeo?

I’ve been fortunate enough in my life that musical theater gigs have been pretty steady for me over the past year.  And then I have smaller other musical projects: arranging music for people, playing in cabarets, etc.

I’ve read a little bit here and there about your musical theater stuff. Tell me, and the readers, a bit more about that.

I’ve been a professional music director/conductor for the past decade, at theaters in the Tri-State area. I teach the cast the music, rehearse the pit orchestra, and lead them during the shows.  Although I have led the show from a piano/trumpet/drumset, I like having a baton in my hand.  I’ve worked at the New Candlelight Theater, Ritz Theater, and most recently Montgomery Theater.

What are the names of the productions you’ve been involved in?

Recently, I’ve music directed/played in the show I Love My Wife (late Fall, ’09) and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (April-May ’10) at Montgomery Theater.  Great theater and staff there.  Other shows I’ve been involved at other places are Urinetown, Sweeney Todd, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Hair…to name a few

Wow. Busy year for you. Have you had the chance to perform your music live at all in the midst of this busy schedule?

My jazz band Call Me Crazy performed some of the new tunes (as a 12piece dance band) for the Philly Fringe Fest Sept of ’08.  Since then, we’ve worked the new tunes into our sets here and there.  Audiences are always hesitant about the new stuff, you know? “Oh, is this gonna suck?” Eventually, I want to do mostly original stuff…with the other jazz standards thrown in.

Yeah, I can see jazz and swing as a genre where people want to hear old standards.

Absolutely. And I don’t blame ’em.  Some of those tunes have stood the test of time.

No doubt.  So, how can my readers get a chance to see you in action?

Well, I have a new website for the activities I’ve involved in, musical theater and otherwise, For the band’s appearances,

Awesome. We’ll make sure to share those links with the TPM loyal.

Awesome. Right now, we are in the process of writing some new tunes.

Would you be willing to share a free MP3 with them, as well?

Oh, absolutely. Pass it around.  “Monopoly” is a fun track, and one of my favs.  For MRT fans, “The Getaway” should tickle their fancy.

Great!  Well, I believe the misses is beckoning me to get ready to go food shopping. Make sure to check in for time to update everyone on what’s going on. We’ll have to talk again sometime soon, maybe tackle some more interesting insights intowhole Christopher Tolomeo is.

Sounds great, anytime.. Thanks for the interview, Justin!  Don’t want to upset the missus, so get back to it!

No doubt. Love to give great artists a bit of press. RIP Ronnie James Dio.

Much appreciated.

Talk soon.

Will do.


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