Take Notes: Shapiro

Rather than a conventional review, this review of Shapiro’s debut LP on Dweeb Records will be a presentation of the notes I took on the album. While you read, download and listen to Shapiro’s first single for free.

First Listen:

-Piano rock, parts equally Ben Folds/BF5, The Dresden Dolls, and Snow Patrol.
-Their one sheet mentioned The Arcade Fire, but unlike AF, they don’t come across as overrated copycats.
-Vocals remind me of Daniel Johns (Silverchair), especially on Young Modern.
-Not much press on these guys on the web, good and bad thing. Good because press can often taint one’s view, bad because they deserve some good press

Second Listen:

-Found Daily News Record article on them from 2005 from Google search “granofsky shapiro” (Nathan Granofsky looks like Harry Potter in picture used in article), where I learned that these guys are EMU products. Interesting.
-Music is very solid overall, “L-E-A-V-I-N-G” is making its case for becoming my favorite Shapiro track.
-I dig the artwork and packaging of the album.

Third Listen:

-“Right and Wrong” is a good opener, definite Ben Folds feel here, think Songs for Silverman meets Silverchair’s Young Modern (I knew these references were coming from somewhere, must be this song specifically).
-For some reason, Muse came to mind while listening to the second track. Not sure if that makes much sense, but it did. Big time Daniel Johns-esque vocals again here.
-Band is incredibly tight and very well produced.
-“L-E-A-V-I-N-G” is officially my favorite Shapiro song. Officially.
-“Emily” is a pretty cool track. Not much else to say there.
-The obvious comparison to piano playing punk influenced pop rock act Jack’s Mannequin and his former outfit Something Corporate inserted here. Not sure there are any direct comparisons, but I definitely think fans of these bands will dig on Shapiro.
-“You Had it Coming” made me realize that someone in this band digs on Queen. Read on a user review via iTunes that the name of this track changed from before. Curious.
-“Battle of Beatrix” reminds me of Queen again. Someone in this band like Queen a lot. Officially.
-Piebald’s All Ears, All Eyes, All the Time could be an influence on this LP. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was and wouldn’t be surprised if no one in the band knew what the hell I was talking about.
-Last song is called ”Prelude” and the irony is not lost on this reviewer.

Overall, a solid debut LP. Looking forward to finding out more about this band and hopefully getting the chance to interview them or at least talk and get some more insight. As an avid Ben Folds and Billy Joel fan, good piano rock makes me happy, thus this album makes me happy. Thoroughly enjoyable.

[rating: 7.5/10]


~ by thepaintedman on June 1, 2010.

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  1. […] and Billy Joel are shared by the former Ms. Cuce (her maiden name) and I made a point to share Shapiro with her, only to find that she already knew and dug […]

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