Excuses Excuses: The Mixtape

No need for an intro, I’ve kept ya’ll waiting long enough.

1. the85bears w/ Alex Exile – Belly Down opens the mixtape with a great tune to dance to. thepaintedman would like to take (at least a little) credit for this awesome collaboration, as a TPM RemixThis! contest brought these forces together. The entire album, featuring more collabs with Alex Exile, a few new tracks, and a sweet remix from RemixThis! can be downloaded for FREE. And it’s currently #2 on noisetrade, so I suspect you’ll like it!

2. Enlou – Amphibian is a track from the Lujo Records act’s new EP. They’ll be hitting the road this Fall, so keep your eyes peeled.

3. Milk Plus – Digging Out proves that Nerdcore is alive and kicking in the UK. Check out this killer track.

4. Bodies in the Lake – Ohh… I’m Sorry for the Confusion will rock your face off… quite literally. It will actually hurt. But it will hurt so good… and once you are done hurting, you can listen to a bonus second track by BITL entitled “Visions of Chaos“. Both of these track were record at Atrium Audio in Lancaster by Carson Slovak, great production if I do say so myself.


5. The Fuck Kills – Radio Unts Tiss is a track by Shael Riley and Diotrans. It’s an entry into a cool songwriting contest, where it seemed to fare pretty well. Check it out and see what two talented musicos can do when working together.

6. Little Lords – Make Your Name Known Through Us is yet another Signorelli project. Dude doesn’t stop cranking out tunes. This particular one is of the face melting persuasion.

7. The Glass Gentlemen – Love Story is a crappy cover of a crappy song. The Brads need to stop listening to bad pop! Seriously, though, it’s a fun an enjoyable cover of a song that all of us pretend to hate but secretly dig. Raise your hand if you have a Taylor Swift crush.

8. Jeremy Ritch and the Cowards – Crystal Beth is a track by that dude who wrote some reviews for TPM and pastors an indie church in Harrisburg, PA. Yeah! THAT dude. Did I ever mention to you that this guy is relatively obsessed with old country and is totally in love with Johnny Cash? Guess I did now.

9. Quantum Foundry – Why Do I Make Hip Hop is hip hop. And… you don’t stop… or something. These indie rappers are thoroughly enjoyable. Check them out!

10. Strong Waves Kill Weak Swimmers – Nothing To Write Home About is the closing track of this mix. And it’s incorrectly name, but it’s a pretty damn good track. But, beware they use foul words on this track. If you dig them, check out their website because they give away alot of great free music.


~ by thepaintedman on June 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Excuses Excuses: The Mixtape”

  1. Great mixtape. Some amazing talent here. Cheers to indie rock!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mick malone and StrongWavesKillWeak, Jeremy Ritch. Jeremy Ritch said: My song Crystal Beth is featured here http://thepaintedman.brookiellen.com/excuses-excuses-the-mixtape/ […]

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