The Abilities of Flying Mouflan

I purchased some The Flying Mouflan on a recent lunch break trek to Troegs. It was so good it revolutionized how I will review beer from this point forward!

I now present you 4 abilities of beer: Drinkability, Predictability, Affordability, and Overall Enjoyability. I’d define each for you, but I think it’s better to simply present these abilities of The Flying Mouflan to demonstrate how this works!


The Flying Mouflan pours a rich brown with a thin, but frothy head. It feels hearty and a little bit chewy in the drinker’s mouth. Full bodied, it is a malt-forward beer that doesn’t forget about the hops… in fact, some may argue that it’s actually more abotu the hops than the malt, but not for this malty beer lover. The alcoholic warmth is evident, but not overwhelming like a winter warmer or an old ale. As is true with most big flavored barleywines, this is not a session ale by any means… especially at 9.3% ABV.


Not your average barleywine, but would you expect something dull from the Trogner brothers? Big flavor is key for any good barleywine and this delivers in that department. The strong hop aroma and flavor makes it more of an American style barleywine than the style the Brits prefer. I’m not certified beer judge (yet), but I think this beer would get serious serious consideration as a top choice in the American Barleywine category.


In a bomber bottle, a single will run you $7.50 at the Troegs Tasting Room. That’s $7.50 for roughly 651 mL, or 22 oz for the metrically challenged. I think 34 cents per ounce is a fair price. Good beer ain’t cheap, that’s always important to note.

Overall Enjoyability

Beautifully up front hop aroma, bold flavors of malt and hops, a dry but not too dry finish, and an interesting twist of sweetness from the cane sugar used in the brewing process make this a yummy treat for the big beer drinker. This is by no means for the Mike Gourleys, Kevin Hendersons, or Scott Pasquales of the world (PBR, Miller, Lite, and Busch Light, respectively). Thoroughly enjoyable, but only one at a time… unless you need a little help falling asleep one night.



~ by thepaintedman on June 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Abilities of Flying Mouflan”

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  2. Nice review. The first batch of Mouflan (known as Scratch Beer #4 at the time) medaled at the 2008 GABF in the American Barleywine category.


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