Why Be Something That You're Not?

The title of Tony Rettman’s first book could be a fair question for me, as I learned in my several week delay of getting this podcast up on the site… I should probably avoid too many podcasts in the future as I am NOT a podcaster. What I am, however, is totally hooked on the Detroit hardcore scene of the early 80’s.

“Why?” you ask. Listen to this chat with Tony (complete with 5 kickass tracks interwoven throughout) and you’ll find out. Pick up his book tomorrow, July 6th… and find out even more. I started reading only a few days ago and am nearly done, finding myself sitting on the john reading long after my purpose for the trip has been completed.

Download the podcast here, which is essentially Tony and I chatting on the phone, with the following tracks interwoven in to the chat:

Pagans – Dead End America (opens the podcast)
Necros – Police Brutality (poor recording, great song)
The Fix – Vengeance (featured back to back with the next track)
Meatmen – I’ve Got a Problem (live version)
Negative Approach – Nothing (closing out the podcast)

Well worth the listen, well worth the read. Expect a full review of the book in coming weeks and a follow up interview (likely NOT a podcast) sometime soon thereafter.


~ by thepaintedman on July 5, 2010.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tony Rettman, Revelation Records. Revelation Records said: Audio interview with Tony Rettman: http://thepaintedman.brookiellen.com/why-be-something-that-youre-not/ […]

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