Josh Bails Me Out Again

So, I have a bunch of stuff half written and, as I was sick all day today, I have not had the chance to finish any of the stuff. Luckily for me, Joshua Landis once again emailed me a lovely write-up on a solid Summer beer.

Wheat beers are popular Spring/Summer beers and for good reason. Most are lighter in flavor and it’s easy to drink several in a sitting. One of the most common wheat beers is the Belgian witbier style. Most folks know of Hoegaarden and Blue Moon, but haven’t gotten to check much else out. Here’s a great witbier from a great PA brewery to check out.

From early spring to late August, Victory’s Whirlwind Witbier is in constant rotation at my house. Simple yet beautiful, this is a beer that I can’t get enough of. I always drink this one out of a nice tall weizen glass that is perfectly suited for the rich fluffy white head that pours from the bottle.

Slightly hazy and golden in color, this is a beer that just looks like it is going to be refreshing. The first taste brings a bit of spice (coriander) with hints of banana, lemongrass, clove and yeast. The beer finishes with a tartness that just calls you back for another sip… another glass… another two glasses, and at 5% Abv this is a beer where you can have a few of in one sitting and still feel fine the next morning. The flavor is so light and refreshing that it never feels heavy on your stomach, and in these warm months there is nothing better.

This may not be the best witbier in the world, but I strongly believe in supporting local business and at $27 a case this is one you can afford to enjoy.


~ by thepaintedman on July 20, 2010.

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