Miller Lite Apologetics

This is Harry. I think his real name is Kevin, but I’ve never been really sure. Especially since it says “Harry” on his ass cheek. He’s an avid Miller Lite drinker… but don’t get too upset at him, he’s a good person.

I asked him to defend his brew of choice and tell us why it’s a good Summer beer.

Miller Lite, Jammed Pack Full of Vitamins and Nutrients!
by Kevin “Harry” Henderson

Summer time is here and with the Summer time you get heat waves, instead of fearing heat waves, I welcome them with open arms and bottle in hand. I find the best way to battle a heat wave is to put on your flip flops and board shorts and get a good, sturdy lawn chair to rest your bones while you enjoy the triple hopped Summer nectar that is Miller Lite.

At first appearance, you might think the beer is a dark brown, but that is just the bottle. Upon pouring the Miller Lite into favorite pint glass, you quickly see that the beer has the color of my first love Patty Mayonnaise’s golden blonde hair. The Vortex bottle swirls the beer out of the perfectly crafted bottle while enhancing the aroma and taste of this American classic adult beverage. The air is instantly filled with a heavy aroma of long walks on the beach, open fields, camp fires, farmer tans, Tim McGraw concerts and crabbing off of your favorite dock. This aroma can also be described as “Summertime”.

If the aroma of Miller Lite was not enough, do not worry because here comes a Chuck Norris round house kick to the taste buds. Miller Lite has a light but yet full bodied flavor that rolls off your tongue like sweet molasses. Although it is a lite beer, Miller Lite is tripled hopped, that packs a robust flavor. Miller Lite is perfectly matched with other summertime favorites hamburgers, hotdogs and potato salad.

In closing, when it comes to beating the Summer heat I reach no further then the beer that is endorsed by NASCAR champion, Kurt Busch, Miller Lite.

And now for the real reason Harry likes Miller Lite…


~ by thepaintedman on July 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Miller Lite Apologetics”

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  2. No.

  3. Well, I guess I am a beer snob, because other than the picture at the end Miller Lite just doesn’t do it for me.

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