The Inept Abilities of Wacko

In keeping with the “Summer beer that isn’t so good” theme set by my good friend (and yours) yesterday when discussing Leinie’s Summer Shandy… I present to you Magic Hat Wacko.


If there is one thing I must say in the positive realm about this beer, it is very easy to drink. Nothing altogether too offensive as far as the mouthfeel or finish. In fact, it does finishes clean and crisp, which makes it sort of refreshing.


I half thought that Magic Hat was suddenly bought out by Dogfish Head when I read that this beer was brewed with beet sugar. I’m not a fan of beets, but I figure anything is worth a shot (even Midas Touch was worth a shot, despite how horrible it tastes). A bold idea doesn’t always translate to greatness, however… and this beer is the prime example. Despite its unpredictable manner of becoming a beer, the flavor is bland and relatively boring. The cherry Koolaid color and weird veggie aroma are odd and engendered some interesting thoughts of what the beer may have tasted like… but the build up was apparently for naught.


Not much to say here. Like Magic Hat’s other brews, it’s reasonably priced. I purchased it as part of a mix and match six pack; it was easily the worst of the bunch, unfortunately. Though, paying $12 for the mix six when it included a few pricierbeers made this throwaway very palatable.

Overall Enjoyability

Do I really need to tell you? I think by now, you’ve figured out how I feel about this one. Wouldn’t buy it again. If someone else handed me one, I may drink it… but then again, I may just grab a bottle of water instead.

[rating: 3.5/10]


~ by thepaintedman on July 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Inept Abilities of Wacko”

  1. I’ll be sure to avoid this one. It’s funny that as I’m reading this review now I’m sipping a Furthermore Thermo Refur (8.1% Fruit / Vegetable beer brewed with beets and black pepper).

    I’m definitely not a big fan of this beer, so I’m sure I wouldn’t like Wacko either. Thanks for the review.

  2. OK, I must have missed the part where I said avoid this beer, because the night of the Juliana Theory concert I had one of these at Tir Na Nog after the show and it was terrible.

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