Million Dollar Mouth


I throw this album on and immediately I think… wow, this is pretty good. The vocals are familiar in some way, the rock is in your face, energetic, and polished. A great opening track can grab the listener and from the first listen, I was proof of this.

That said, the best track here is the opener. That isn’t a bad strategy, seeing as first impressions count, but to a certain extent I was a little bit disappointed as the album progressed. The most fair assessment of Million Dollar Mouth’s the panicking is that it’s a commercially viable radio rock album with a few standout tracks and a few that are forgettable – better than mediocre, but not jaw dropping (outside of the opener “Big Kiss” which is likely to remain an iPod playlist inclusion for me for quite some time).

The bands’ onesheet notes that they are recommended if you like Queens of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Killers, among others. I immediately put a connection in my head between them and STP, the lead singer has a very Weiland-esque presence on this album. I see the comparison to bands like QOTSA and Eagles of Death Metal, as well, but not bands like The Killers… I just don’t hear it. In describing their sound to someone who has never heard them, I’d say that Million Dollar Mouth is Scott Weiland fronting a band with Josh Homme at the helm and the two spent their inspiration sessions listening to 90’s grunge.

For several reasons, I would not be surprised to hear tracks from Never Lost a Lover, their forth-coming follow up to the panicking on the radio in the not too distant future. First, the aforementioned sound is wholly sellable. Second, the band is tight and well produced. Third, I fully expect the follow up to have more tracks like “Big Kiss” (and other standouts like “1-4-3”) on the next album, but every indication from this album is that the band is only going to get better with age and time playing together. Expect big things from them.

MDM is a good band, make no mistake about it. How good remains to be seen, but until then I’ll be playing “Big Kiss” over and over on repeat because it kicks ass.

~ by thepaintedman on July 29, 2010.

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