Addams Shows Promise


Christ Addams is a rapper and producer from North Carolina. Shit talkin’ and hot beats are his forte, at least that’s how it seems when you pop in his recently released LP Oil. Entertaining? Yes. Well produced? Indeed. A bit excessive at times? Perhaps. Clever? No doubt. What is certain is that the talent is here and the commercial appeal is undeniable.

A self-proclaimed “cracker” it’s certain that this dude is about as white as Wonder Bread, but so are Eminem, Sage, and Frontalot. White guys can be dope, too. Christ is definitely pretty dope, so don’t be scared off by the color of his skin.

With that out the way, let’s look at the ups and downs of Mr. Addams’ debut LP.

First, what are the bright spots? The album is wholly listenable. The biggest reason for this is that Addams is first and foremost a producer. The production and beats kill here. While this reviewer, personally, tends to prefer more rock elements in hip hop beats, these are unique and original. The vocals are fun and, without a better word for it, nerdy. Christ Addams, as already mentioned, is a cracker and he has a cracker-like sound to his voice. There is nothing awkward about his flow, though… no awkward pauses and rhymes don’t feel forced.

Though, there are some things that hurt this release’s overall quality. Most notable is the excessive use of certain “curse” words and sexual terms. These take away from what otherwise are very clever lyrics throughout most of the album. Also, when used excessively they lose their power and meaning. After the 3rd use of the word “shit” or “dick” it loses any punch to it and comes across merely as juvenile. At times, it hurts an otherwise solid debut.

Overall, Christ Addams is a very talented producer and a good rapper. If he matured a bit in the lyric department, he’d be a smash hit, but for now he’s a work in progress. Through I must say “F-U-Shredder” is awesome, the best 30 seconds I’ve heard in weeks, including a well placed use of one of the aforementioned words.

Best Track: “Head Space Rock”


~ by thepaintedman on August 1, 2010.

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