WTF… is a Great Beer!

WTF Ale. A malty, robust, jobless Recovery Ale! We’re not quite in the Red, or in the Black… Does that mean we’re in the Brown?

A big Ol’ Imperial Brown Ale to help you with your slipperly slide on into springtime. Rich, smooth, dangerous & chocolatey.

Alc. 7.83%
O.G. 1.072
64.20 I.B.U

How can a malthound like myself not love this beer? Big and tasty, this may be one of the best beers I’ve ever had.


Heavy without being overly so, this is a full bodied beer that pours a deep translucent red-brown. It’s smooth and malt-forward with a mild hop bite and a crisp dry finish. Bold flavorful malts are highlighted by hop perfection. There is nothing heavy or harsh about the mouthfeel of this beer. It’s full, but never more full than it should be. As far as drinkability goes, sheer perfection!


Imperial browns are not a common style. Imperial stouts, imperial IPAs, and other imperials flood the market, but this is one of the first imperial brown ales I’ve ever consumed. That said, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. It poured clear with absolutely no haze in my Weyerbacher snifter. The aroma was sweet and malty, with a hint of floral hops. Based on the appearance and aroma, this was a lot like what I formulated in my mind before sipping… but better. I could not have predicted how perfectly the flavors would mesh or how great the beer is.


Not really sure how much this beer runs, as I received it in a trade. I looked up prices online and saw that a bottle ranged from $4 to $8 most places it was available. I personally this it would be every bit worth $10. A great beer in a 22oz bottle is well worth spending a few bucks.

Overall Enjoyability

What do you think? If you’ve read up to this point, you know that I love this beer. At nearly 8% ABV, it’s surprising that there is little in alcohol taste or warmth, but it’s a good thing. There is no need for that type of taste with all the other perfectly complimentary flavors. Too big to be a session beer, but I’d gladly try to prove myself wrong with that assessment. This is the type of beer I could drink year round. I can picture myself sitting around a campfire with WTF in my snifter or staring out the window at the snow with a pint. I can’t say this enough, this is one of the best beers I’ve ever had. Love, love, love, love, love it.

[rating: 9/10]

~ by thepaintedman on August 8, 2010.

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