Shorties are Back!

gilli moon

the stillness


gilli moon is an Aussie singer/songwriter with a big, beautiful voice and a penchant for pop hooks and easily consumed melodies. Inspiring lyrics and great musicianship make this release a pop album that stands out from the uninspired and mediocre pop riddling the radios these days. Comparisons to Alanis Morisette and Lily Allen would not be off the mark in describing the emotion, cleverness, and soul of the stillness. Called “a female Elton John” by Billboard, gilli’s use of great piano work makes this reviewer quite happy (note that Ben Folds and Billy Joel both creep into my top artists list). A solid album cover to cover, but if the first several tracks, notably the trio of “Be”, “I Am”, and “Outside In”, don’t reel you in wanting more, you are probably deaf.

Strong Waves Kill Weak Swimmers

Questions Are Like the Knocks of a Beggar Man


By the name of the band and the EP, you could guess (and be quite accurate) that SWKWS is an eclectic indie band. Another example of great musicianship, the band tinkers with layered string arrangements in “Wolves”, jams upbeat synthesizers on “There’s Something in the Sea”, and strums acoustic on “Nothing to Write Home About”. Overall, they sound like a band without a true identity, but a band that is willing to play what they want to play. This EP shows promise and talent… even if they are from Pittsburgh. Another EP or 2 and some maturing and this could be a band to watch out for.

the85bears featuring Alex Exile

Tone & Volume


My bias on this one if going to be evident, seeing as a TPM contest is what hooked these artists up together. A few new tracks from the85bears and a few remixes of older bears tracks by the extraordinary Alex Exile (formerly known as Second Reality). There’s also a bonus remix track from Alexander Lowery of The Zero Four. What I like most about the release (besides the fact that it’s FREE), is the variety. Great indie rock coupled with some dance tracks, all the while feeling like a project with continuity and vision. I’d rave more about this, but my bias is already too evident! Check out “Certain Death” and the remixes of “Belly Down” and “Meshac”. Killer stuff.

Little Lords



Fourth and final on this edition of Shorties, another Signorelli project that I’ve mentioned a few times before. On this one, Mike gets down and dirty with crazy drumming, screamcore vocals, and a just enough DC hardcore influence. (s)kills is four tracks for fans of the glory days of Victory Records. Brutal in all the right ways, Little Lords will tear you face off and you’ll like it.


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