Best Countdown Ever

A few months ago, I launched a new feature that I dubbed “Best Ever”… but I only did one post and seemingly abandoned it. Today, I have decided that I will reignite the feature with one of my absolute favorite yearly television programs. Pratially inspired by my friend Rob Tysons’ 100 favorite films list, I have decided to dub today’s post, “Best Countdown Ever”. Unfortunately for Rob, his list is not the best countdown list I’ve encountered, but that aforementioned TV show is… Bravo’s Scariest Movie Moments Series.

Each October, Bravo begins to show this multi-hour series that counts down the scariest moments in all of cinema. While I may not agree with all of their choices, the list is solid, the interviews are top notch, and the program is one of my favorite things about the Fall besides football. Never seen it? Then tune in to Bravo as Halloween approaches… but until then, check out some of my favorite clips below:


~ by thepaintedman on September 20, 2010.

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