10 in 10: Best You've Never Heard

1. Davy Mooney is any James Taylor fan’s new favorite artist.

2. Rob Drabkin is DMB with a fro and more soul.

3. Moses crafts alternative/pop/rock ala Coldplay and Keane.

4. Council‘s is a similar radio-friendly sound but with better vocals.

5. Jason Poe, well constructed piano driven alternative pop. Thoroughly enjoyable.

6. Peter Doran is original, unique, and talented… and he’s Irish!

7. Super Rocket Car rock like All American Rejects’ best stuff.

8. We’re All Just Passing Through, a kid with his guitar.

9. Mark Radcliffe is oozing with hook laden singer-songwriter talent.

10. Sulfur uses his dope vocal stylings to slay giants.

Expect to see and hear more form these artists on TPM in the near future… but for now, check them out and hear for yourself.

~ by thepaintedman on October 8, 2010.

10 Responses to “10 in 10: Best You've Never Heard”

  1. Thanks for putting me on your list. Glad you like my music!

  2. thanks so much for featuring us on the list!

  3. Word.

  4. super rocket car is sounding the best out of these bands i really like their sound they have alot of potential to make it big

  5. I see them as having a ton of pop sensibilities. Definitely a good chance to blow up. Thanks Jonny, make sure to shoot the band a line, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

  6. […] on The Painted Man Blog This entry was posted on Oct 12 2010 I was recently featured on The Painted Man music/entertainment blog.  Click here to check it […]

  7. Thanks for the love, The Painted Man! If anyone would like to download a free copy of our EP, “Bedroom Recordings, Vol. 1”, you can right here:

  8. Hey check out my band The Fall Affair..it brings back memorys of the good times when noone was screaming. Just good ol indie pop punk music:) the songs are just demos but im sure u will like at least one lol

  9. #4 – you`re right.

  10. If all of the members of Super Rocket Car were girls, I would let them sit on my face.

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