Not So Sure on the Title

[rating: 3/10]

In fear of starting a Nerdcore beef of some sort, I am sorry that I must disagree with the title of Pen Fifteen Club’s debut EP, We Rock, You Suck. I have dug MC Wreckshin for some time, as well as several other projects he’s been involved with, but this is not nearly as good…

Wreckshin’s flow is solid, as expected. His voice sounds great and the overall production is fantastic. The beats could be improved, at times the music feels like it was made by someone with little more that a pirated copy of FruityLoops and a penchant for video games… but the overall feel of the music is enjoyable and fun. The lyrics and rhymes are entertaining and clever, with typical Nerdcore topics like video games and cartoons.

Whereas there are many moments worth a listen, it is highly advisable to skip the third track, “Party Success”. It may be the single most irritating song released in the past 5 years.

Here’s hoping that the next venture is a bit stronger than this one. Wreckshin is talented and I will try not to judge his partner in crime by this work alone. Overall, just doesn’t impress… thus, thepaintedman will not be joining the ranks and drawing the “Pen 15” on his forehead.

~ by thepaintedman on October 14, 2010.

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