Until the Movie Doesn't Suck


With such great source material, it’s amazing how horribly dull Until the Light Takes Us is. The Norwegian Black Metal scene is one is one of the most interesting stories in music history, yet the 2009 documentary just released on DVD could put the viewer to sleep.

I never once thought during my readings of Lords of Chaos that any media (book, article, movie, etc.) about this music scene could be in any way dull, but the documentary that I anxiously awaited from Netflix proved that I was wrong in that assumption.

With little need for anything else, here’s the short of it: The interviews are poorly done, the sequencing is abysmal, and the overall quality of the film is worse than the videos I did for English class in high school circa 1997. The sole interviewee that piques interest is Bjarne Melgaard, as his art centering on Black Metal is original and intriguing. Despite the several sequences centering on Melgaard, this film fails to ask any relevant questions; moreover, it fails to present a coherent story all the while failing to entertain.

In short, go read Lords of Chaos and don’t waste your time on this.


~ by thepaintedman on October 23, 2010.

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