Pop Punk for the Masses


Miracle Max’s Self-Absorbed EP is pure pop punk. Nothing more, nothing less, but that’s not a bad thing. When done right, real pop punk can be one of the most enjoyable listening experiences a music fan can have. Thankfully, Miracle Max does just that.

The opener, “Learn to Love It”, reminds me of two great indie bands I worked with a few years back, Straitlaced and The Stand-In. these two bands were some of the best I have ever had play a show for me, and when considering I’ve probably booked at least 200 bands that does mean something. Other bands like Foolproof, Lagwagon, New Found Glory, and The Starting Line may come to mind for some of you (as they did me), but what’s important here is that the song is infectiously catchy and performed by evidently skill musicians (something the genre often lacks).

The four other tracks on this EP follow suit in being great songs to tap your toe, bop your head, and sing along to. There is not a bad track on the EP. One that sticks out is “Get Out of My Head”. The song reminds me of the All-American Rejects breakout single “Swing, Swing” in its tone and feel. Without worry of being repetitive, the word infectious best describes this tracks danceable catchiness.

In the mood to harken back to the glory days of Drive-Thru Records? Trying to find the next big thing in radio friendly punk flavored pop? Reminiscing about that first Element 101 show you put together when you were 14? Then this is a good one for you.


~ by thepaintedman on November 4, 2010.

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