Belated Halloween: Shout at the Devil!

Free Music Monday is a good thing, but with a mixtape jumping off on Wednesday or Thursday, Movie Monday takes its place!

This Halloween season, I spent a good deal of time seeking Halloween type movies that weren’t gory. Sick of the modern gorefests, I had been craving some good horror that wasn’t about the blood and guts. After a suggestion from a message board buddy, 2009’s House of the Devil became an obvious choice… and to my chagrin, it was streaming on Netflix.


The 2009 throwback horror flick looks and feels like it’s right out of the glory days of modern horror (late 70’s through mid 80’s). The plot is familiar and the characters are archetypes, yet it feels fresh. College girl needs money so she seeks babysitting jobs. She gets a job, but it’s from a weird guy. Since she needs the money, she goes to check out the gig anyway. When she arrives, it gets even weirder.

Long story short, her friend is murdered, the pizza guy is an asshole, and everyone is a bunch of creepy Satan worshippers. Will she survive? Will she end up a sacrifice to Lucifer? Will she find a way to escape? Will she eat the pizza? Stay tuned… the final twist is classic.


~ by thepaintedman on November 8, 2010.

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