Monthly(ish) Mixtape: For the Vets

Many people have the mistaken assumption that an anti-war pacifist like myself doesn’t support our troops and veterans… FALSE. I support them full fledge, men and women willing to give more than I ever could to this country. I may not believe in the cause, but I pray for the people willing to lay down their lives for the country I live in and the rights I enjoy.

With that in mind, today TPM honors the vets on this Veteran’s Day by sharing a collection of FREE tunes for the masses:

1. Rubblebucket “Michelle” is the first of a double shot of this Brooklyn based experimental rock outfit. A cover of the classic Beatles tune.

2. Rubblebucket “Triangular Daisies” is the second track from this great band. This one, an original.

3. Cassowaries “An Archer’s Kiss” is another killer track the way only Cassowaries can rock it.

4. The OK Corral “Gasoline” is a new track from this Northern VA quintet. You will not be sorry for checking them out!

5. The Nemesis “Running Through My Mind” is the first of several tracks from multi-medium artist Aaron Brassea. Check out The Nemesis on Facebook.

6. The Glass Gentlemen “Father’s Pistol” is sandwich in between Aaron’s projects. Brad and Brad of TGG are no strangers to TPM mixtapes, likely having the most tracks of any band on the site. You know them, you love them… so here’s an unreleased TGG track!

7. The Bad Felt “Subway” is a track from the 2nd of the 3 projects from Aaron. Much different than The Nemesis for sure.

8. The Bad Felt “Capital I” makes this a doubleshot of The Bad Felt. Check out the band’s MySpace page.

9. The Torches “Mr. Vampire” is a great tune from a great band on Lujo Records.

10. TechnoBears “Down the Drain” features the vocals of DandaBear. Featured on a previous mixtape, TechnoBears will make you jump up and dance.

11. The ThoughtCriminals “How You Gonna Go” is an unreleased track from your favorite hip hop group. It features Rawzen and ShamGrammar. Holla!

12. Dem Waffle Houze Boiz “All You Need” is a track from this Cypress, Texas rap trio’s new EP, Free Money 2: The Deuce. Check out their MySpace page for more info on how to get your copy.

13. Hitmaker Algorithm “No Feelings” is the final track from an Aaron Brassea project on this mix. Another project, totally different in scope than the past two. Well worth checking out!

14. Brett Detar “It’s Only the Night” is thepaintedman’s favorite track from the new album from Brett Detar (formerly of The Juliana Theory). The album is free on Brett’s website, so go grab it today.

15. Eric Hentze “Starlit City” is a great track from a great artist that you likely don’t know. Now that you’ve heard him, go get better acquainted with him. Great great stuff.

16. Mouse Fire “Don’t Mess with a Texan” is another track from another awesome Lujo band… or should I say former Lujo band? They broke up, but it’s better to hear them late than never.


~ by thepaintedman on November 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Monthly(ish) Mixtape: For the Vets”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by nstryker, Aaron Brassea. Aaron Brassea said: new mixtape from, including tracks from the nemesis, the bad felt, and the hitmaker algorithm! […]

  2. I was wondering how you go about getting our music for mixtapes, reviews, etc and how bands go about submitting music to you?


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