Football Friday: The AFC, The Birds, and Hakeem

Last week I started a weekly Football Friday piece here on TPM with a look at the NFC at the half way mark. This week, I plan to tackle a few topics of interest to me, starting with a brief look at the AFC.

The AFC started off the year as the Power Football Conference. Juggernauts like the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets boasted impenetrable defenses, the Indianapolis Colts high powered offense had big expectations, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were back with a vengeance. As the season has progressed supposedly inferior NFC teams have laid some hurtins on these big boys and everyone has come back to Earth. That said, the AFC is still the stronger conference as a whole, but the idea that the NFC was far inferior should have now fallen by the wayside.

The teams to beat this year are in the East and North. Three of the 4 aforementioned squads are still playing hard and expected to fight for the top spots in the AFC (all but the Colts). Throw the young and surprising New England Patriots and you have the best 4 teams in the AFC at this point.

That said, all signs point to the Tennessee Titans taking the South and becoming a true contender. The West, not so much… though the battle atop the division may shape up to be interesting down the stretch!

The basement of the AFC is the lion hearted Buffalo Bills lead by brainy Harvard man Ryan Fitzpatrick. A few other teams could join them down there as the season progresses… the disappointing Cincinnati Bengals top that list, along with that team from San Diego that thinks they are gonna emulate the last few seasons and turn it on but won’t this year and that promising team that Josh McDaniels has proceeded to cause to tear at its seams…

Overall, the AFC is a cluster of confusion… I refuse to make predictions at this point.

Forget the AFC, How ‘Bout Dem Birds?

This week the Birds face Donny and the McSkins on Monday Night Football… among the reasons that the Eagles shellack the Skins are that D-Mac has struggled in primetime over the last few years, that Vick has flourished on MNF with a 3-1 record and great games to boot, that Shanahan has been performing his best Brad Childress impression over the past two weeks, and that even Clinton Portis prefers Philadelphia.

I don’t see the need to say much more on this, but the fact is that despite having no Nate Allen or Max Jean-Gilles this week, the Eagles should win this one handily. Expect a big day from Asante and an even bigger days from Trent. Monster D this week and 30+ from the electric Vick-lead O.

Mistake? Yeah… we’ll see Donny, we’ll see.

Hakeem Nicks is NOT a Cheater

In case you hadn’t heard, Eli Manning’s leading target has been accused of improperly aiding the UNC football program. Dude spent a few Gs on his homeboys that were still on the team while he was in the NFL.

I hate the Giants, but if taking your former teammates out to dinners and buying them a few gifts is improper aid of a college program than I’m a Right-Wing Republican.

In closing, GIVE ME A BREAK!

…and enjoy this week in the NFL, unless you are a Redskins fan.


~ by thepaintedman on November 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Football Friday: The AFC, The Birds, and Hakeem”

  1. I agree with the Nicks statements, but then again, I am in the thought process of college players should be paid a little. They make their schools millions and get suspended if they have an agent buy them a cup of coffee.

    But I wouldnt be so confident about the Skins game, didnt you guys already play once this year?

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about them being paid, but a friend buying his boys some gifts when he makes it big is NOT offense worthy.

    As to the Skins, our D shut them down, but our O couldn’t get moving. If Avant caught the Hail Mary that hit him in the hands, we win… not to mention the Skins are unraveling. No worries.

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