Now is the Winter of Jason's Discontent


Jason Poe’s latest EP is entitled Now is the Winter and since the cold weather is starting to take over here in Southeast PA, I found it appropriate review this singer-songwriter’s exercise in exorcising his demons of discontent. The title of the EP, taken from Shakespeare’s “Richard III”, is a reference to the famous line, “Now is the winter of our discontent.” Don’t assume that this is a bleak album, however, exorcising discontent actually leads to an engendering of hope.

The EP includes 5 tracks that will please any fan of bands like The Fray, Keane, Snow Patrol, and Coldplay. Like the refined sonic stylings of these piano rock troubadours, Jason follows a similar formula of bearing his heart and soul over well produced and well orchestrated layers of beautiful music. With pop sensibilities and enough originality and heart to appease the alternative crowds, expect this EP, Jason’s first real solo release, to make waves on XM/Sirius and college radio as I am typing… soon to hit the national radio scene.

The opener, “You and Me”, is available free on his website. However, you’ll have to spend a couple of bucks to get your hands on the other 4 tracks, including my favorite, “Mountains”, a tune about finding yourself, expectations, and facing life. His piano playing chops are in full force on this one, which likely contributes greatly to my love for the tune.

With influences cited as Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, what isn’t there to like?


~ by thepaintedman on November 24, 2010.

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