Wordy Wednesday: Jonny Law

Wordy Wednesday means 2 killer interviews in one day… here’s the first!

So, let’s start with introductions. I am Justin, aka thepaintedman. I dig music. And who am I speaking with?

Jonny Law, Singer and founding member of Warner Drive.

Where did the name Warner Drive come from?

I grew up with 3 guys in the same neighborhood, and we all just so happened to choose different instruments and learned how to play them in my parents garage on Warner Drive in LA. We would make so much noise, we were terrible, but they put up with it and supported our musical dreams, so the name Warner Drive is a tribute to my roots in music. After losing my father, my Hero, to leukemia a few years ago, the name has new meaning for me and defines who I am as a person as well as a musician. It’s where I came from.

For those who haven’t heard the band, how would you describe your sound?

Up tempo, melodic, hard rock n’ roll with a punk edge, and a whole lotta’ soul!

We’re a rock/punk band, not to be confused with punk rock, with elements of metal, country… a bit of everything really.

What type of influences have come into play for creating that sound?

As far as musical influences each band member has their own specific bands and artists who have inspired them, but the music that I feel has really shaped our sound is the fast paced melodic punk of bands like NoFX, and the raw rock sounds of bands like Guns N’ Roses… somewhere in between lies Warner Drive.

You are on tour right now, tell the readers a little bit about that.

Tour is rough. It has its ups and downs and you have to roll with the punches. More often than not, you’re faced with adversity rather than an easy ride. From complications with the van and gear, to internal struggles with the band members, but the good shows/days make up for that. We’re planting seeds here, and as long as we all keep that in mind, and the best interest of “the band” and its fans, we always make out pretty good on tour and come home accomplishing a lot. Being productive is our ONLY objective on tour.

What else is coming up for you in the next few months?


Great, I have a few non-music related questions if you don’t mind… first, here at TPM, I often discuss beer as I’m a big beer snob. Do you enjoy good beer? If so, what are some of your favorites?

I’m easy… Budweiser or Guinness. Love ’em both, I could do without any
other beers.

I also sometimes talk about faith and spirituality on this site. I was raised a PK (Pastor’s Kid) and consider myself a Believer in Jesus Christ, though I am quite disillusioned with the Church. What’s your take on faith, religion, and spirituality?

After losing my Father I have a lot of my own questions about my own spirituality. I’m redefining my beliefs and have a better understanding of what I believe is actually out there. I believe in a G-d, but i believe in a noninterventionalist G-d (if that’s a word). I just don’t believe that G-d is coming down from the heavens to intervene in our daily lives. There is mass genocide going on all over the world right now, more than 6 million Jews slaughtered as recently as the last 70 years, slavery right here in america in the early part of the century…. were those people not praying for G-d to help them? I believe we all face our maker at the end of our lives and will be held responsible for our earthly actions, but I have a hard time believing that G-d is intervening in our daily lives, good or bad. And, that’s the thing with faith and the definition of faith… it’s a blind belief in something you can not define. so when things go wrong, it’s so easy to say: “G-d has a purpose and a reason for everything”, and when things go right it’s so easy to say: “it was G-d’s will”. It’s so vague and broad. I’ve redefined my faith and beliefs after losing my Dad. I’ve also redefined my thoughts on things like fate, and destiny. I just refuse to believe that it was my Mother’s fate to live out the rest of her life without her soulmate, and I can not believe it was my destiny to lose the most influential person in my life so early on in
my life, nor can I believe it was my father’s fate or destiny to have to fight that terrible fight against leukemia.

Thanks for the insight. I always enjoy getting to know the people in a band on a level deeper than the music. Who people are certainly has a lot to do with their music. Before I head back to a few last questions on the band and the upcoming album, let’s play a fun little word association game. Just say what comes to mind when you hear the words…

Punk Rock


Scott Pilgrim

John Doe


Turkey… food!

Axl Rose

My favorite front man ever.


Brett Farve

Timeless, endless career. Legend.

Johnny Cash

Punk Rock

Washington DC



My nephew Jack

Ok, that was fun… let’s head back to the music, though. The album drops soon, where can we get it and when?

When it’s done it will be available pretty much everywhere online, and physically distributed in our strongest touring markets.

What is your favorite track on the album?

My favorite track is probably “Metal Bridge”… it’s not a single, but it’s an album defining track. it shapes the record and gives it attitude. It’s bout certain someone stealing away my motivation and longing for some more inspiration!

Would you be willing to share a song for download with the readers?


NOTE TO READERS: Free DL courtesy of Jonny Law and Warner Drive on the next FREE MUSIC MONDAY!

Any final words for the readers from the Warner Drive crew?

Our fans are the only thing that matters!

AND, last but not least… Kanye West vs. George W. Bush in a cage match, who wins?

George Bush… he’ll rig the fight.


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