Bright Young Things That Make You Dance


When I first popped this EP in my car stereo and the opener, “Corruption”, began to play, I immediately thought of a Muse/Killers supergroup, where the signer of Muse teamed up with the Killers (circa Hot Fuss) to create some of the most epic sounding dance music in the history of mankind. The second track played much like a Killers song and I realized that my initial impression may not be all that far off…

After 20-30 listens of the infectious The Great Lonesome EP by Aussie dance duo Bright Young Things the comparisons to The Killers and Muse hold true, but there is more to the Sydney electro group’s EP. Each track has its own feel, “Corruption” is epic and grandiose, “Easy Come Easy Go” has the same vibe as a song like The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”, the music in “Fable” sounds like something from a Ronnie Martin B-side, “Goodtimes” is a straight ahead dance anthem that I’d expect to hear in a NYC night club, and “Red Ribbon” slows it down with a downtempo alternative feel that evokes some of the less rock driven ballads of Silverchair. Each song has its own life, but they all breathe together to create a united work that will have fans of artists like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Killers, Joy Electric, Culture Club, and Berlin enjoying what they are hearing quite a bit.

As no expert of electro and dance, it’s hard to elaborate on the band, the EP, or the overall ambience, but I can say that I like it. For me the standout tracks are the opener and the closer, but I enjoy everything in between. Bright Young Things should be hitting the scene hard and I suspect that many people will love what they hear. In fact, any DJs happening to read this should get on the forefront of making that happen… simply put, this is good dance music for fans of dance music and alternative music alike. Powerful, emotive, danceable music.

Not sold on it from a brief review? Need to hear for yourself? Never fear, it’s available on their bandcamp site for the price of FREE.


~ by thepaintedman on December 6, 2010.

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