Be the "First to Believe"… or Maybe the 2nd…


Likened to Jason Mraz by some, Billy Schafer writes melodic pop songs that are about as radio friendly and easily accessible as anything this reviewer has heard in years. With an air of simplicity and a flair for Caribbean sounding beats, the Mraz comparison seems fair… but that’s not to call Schafer a copycat artist capitalizing on the success of another. His songs all feel genuine and honest, and his style, though similar, still his own.

This punk-rocker-at-heart is most drawn by “Valeska”, the most energetic and fun track on the EP. The chicka-chicka guitar line has a somewhat island ska feel and the happy go lucky tone.

On the other hand, the raw emotion in Schafer’s voice in “First to Believe” evokes the same kind of emotion that drew me to bands like Jimmy Eat World and the Get Up Kids when I was in middle school and high school.

All said and done, the 7 songs on Billy Schafer’s First to Believe EP are good pop songs for fans of Jack Johnson, Brian Wilson, and going for a Sunday afternoon stroll in the Spring. Set to attack airwaves in a way that’s much harsher than his sound, if you haven’t heard him yet, you will soon.


~ by thepaintedman on December 14, 2010.

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