The Doc Who Rocs!

So… what’s up Doc?

Busy, busy, busy. This time of year is always busy in my personal life but thanks to so many awesome fans and clients, it’s busier in the work department as well.

Tell the readers who you be and what it is you do.

I’m an artist and musician who found his way over the past few years. I originally set out to be an architect and after travelling a treacherous path of poor choices and bad misfortunes, I found myself doing what I can confidently say is my dream job. But as amazing as it is to work from home, do what I love, and enjoy life all at the same time, the best part of this “job” is the fans.

I’ve been digging on the new album, tell us a bit about where you got the idea, the process, and how it’s being received so far.

Much like many others, I always wondered why during the home console boom in the 80’s and 90’s, some shows got the video game treatment and others didn’t. Surely there were legal issues but why the hell didn’t they make an A-Team game? Seriously, contra meets Metal Gear – it would have been an instant classic. Unfortunately, a company like LJN probably would have picked up the property and ruined it for everyone… but I digress. I decided that many shows and cartoons should have had their own games – and then there were some that shouldn’t ever be made into a game but probably would have and needed their own theme as well. Some of the tracks had been made into games but I wanted to take a stab at them anyway. The main tracklist is a varied mix of every kind of show and cartoon, so there’s something for everyone, but it started with the A-Team. They really should have made an A-Team game.

The process involves finding the song and listening to it anywhere between 10 and 200 times while coming up with my own arrangement in Fl Studio. Once I lay down the basic groundwork, I do some tweaking, add some love, play the track through my NES/MidiNES and record it. After I master the track, it’s good to go.

The reception has been amazing so far, and I haven’t heard a single unkind word about it yet. People really like it and I couldn’t be happier. The “coverage” is still gaining some traction, to be honest, since there are so many other things going on during this time of year, but with the modest amount of exposure it’s gotten so far, the downloads are many and the reviews are very positive. Here’s to many more!

Speaking of video games, I remember you discussing how the video you did for your Dr. Horrible album could become an actual game! Any news on that front?

Unfortunately, there are many legal issues involved. Without getting into any messy details, let’s just say I did everything I could to make it happen and thus far I have had no luck. I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Bummer. So, moving into other territory for a few, besides your music, what else are you filling your time doing lately?

I’m very social. I know, I probably just crushed the assumptions of my 18 fans, haha. I don’t sit around and play video games all day, I don’t know a thing about programming, and I don’t play Magic: The Gathering. I go out every other night to bars and restaurants (not big on the club scene) and just have fun. I’m quite normal when it comes to daily life, probably because I pour 110% of my nerdy self into my work.

Have you seen the new Harry Potter?

Yes and yes…oh wait, there was only one question there. Well, I’ve seen it twice so far, and I’d like to see it more before it leaves the theaters. But I still haven’t seen it as many times as I watch Scott Pilgrim per week.

Knowing you personally, I know that your art is not merely art, but an extension of your nerdy self. What other nerd tendencies do you have?

I have a very nerdy personality, and that comes out in my work, many of the jokes I make, and other random aspects of my life, but most people that meet me and don’t know off the bat what I do for a living assume I’m just a regular dude. I mean, depending on how you define nerdy activities and tendencies, I suppose you could say I’m a karaoke nerd. I do karaoke 2-3 times a week at various bars and I love it. I’ll even learn new songs just to sing them at karaoke. Much to my disappointment, however, neither place I go currently has “Dick in a Box” or “Jizz in My Pants”.

I have two nerdy acts for you to check out and tell me your first impressions about… Rotten Musicians and Blackwolf.

Rotten Musicians reminds me of MC Frontalot if Boyz II Men produced them…a lot of early 90’s rap influences but with a modern nerdcore style. With some time, I think they definitely have the potential to make the top 10 nerdcore artists list. They’re well blended into the genre but unique enough to have their own dedicated following, I think.

If I’m not mistaken, I saw Blackwolf open for YTCracker, MC Lars, and MC Chris this past summer. I liked him then and I still do. I always appreciate good production in a hip-hop song and Blackwolf definitely has a talent there. His rapping is tight, which is obviously a plus in the genre. Lyrically, he’s more creative than most I’ve heard in the movement – and not too dependent on the lingo of the nerdcore niche that many others tend to be. I think he fits nicely into the scene.

Ok, so let’s get serious for a few. I like to ask many of the folks I interview about their personal beliefs. Not only is it an important part of who we are, but also has a great deal to do with the art we produce. Can you tell me a little bit about your personal faith or spirituality?

I was raised, much like many of the people I know, in a relatively sheltered, religious environment. As I grew older, I naturally looked into other things, but it was never about religion or spirituality to me. It had more to do with how the world worked, why people were the way they were, and about understanding things as much as I could without killing myself while trying to soak up that information. The information I was raised with did not satisfy those questions.

I’m very analytical in my observations of the human race and I love discussing these things with my friends, family, and complete strangers alike. At this point, I’ve come to the broad conclusion that people are the sum of their experiences and that most of those experiences are beyond our control. Ironically, I find it freeing to admit I have little or no say in the direction my life goes. It’s like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no sail. Sure, you can try to paddle your little heart out to go in a specific direction but in the end the world is bigger than us and we have to resign our selfish goals in order for some greater sense of order to take over and make things happen. What that greater sense is, well…that’s up to each person to decide for themselves, depending on their own experiences.

Do you believe that your beliefs impact your art? Why or why not?

Not really. I mean, I do have certain standards for work ethic and I’m not inclined to churn out crap just to make a buck, so that could be related to my beliefs concerning my own life standards, but there’s no direct correlation. I’m proud of my work and I have a reason for doing things the way I do them but that doesn’t mean I do them as a means to uphold my personal beliefs, or that they’re directly influenced by them.

On a related note, how do you think art can influence people and make changes in the world? Do you think your art has an impact?

Art definitely can have an impact but my art isn’t about change. Everyone has an agenda and I think it’s admirable to want to change the world for good but part of my beliefs in general is that everyone needs to decide for themself, so I don’t like to impose my own ideas for change upon others. My art is about fun to most and nostalgia as well to a select group of others. The only changes I expect to come from my work is a smile, a laugh, and maybe a little bit of self reflection. I have no intentions to change the world but hey, if it happens and no one gets hurt as a result, I’ll probably feel good about myself.

Great, thanks for getting into all of that. I appreciate it and my readers will also. Let’s head back to the light hearted stuff now… so… what is your favorite TV show theme from the new album?

I’m going to have to go with Thundercats. This show was my absolute favorite growing up and the theme itself for the album is the one I spent the most time on trying to perfect just the way I wanted. I had 2 or 3 incarnations I wasn’t happy with until I found the one I used on the album so it was that much more satisfying to finish the Thundercats track knowing it was a longer process and received more care.

Was that also one of your favorite shows?

You know it. It was probably tied for 1st with Voltron.

Ok, so, be honest… did you change your avatar on Facebook to a cartoon character to support abused children?

I don’t really follow the trends on facebook. I use it to stay in touch with friends without having to make a dozen phone calls a day and to see what they’re all up to.

I don’t get how that shows support to abused children, do you get it?

No, not at all. It’s like those chain letter emails you used to get all the time in the 90’s, and those warnings of death or a sexless life if you don’t pass a MySpace post around. The only difference is it makes you feel like an ass if you don’t follow through.

Well, I think I’ve taken up enough of your valuable time. Two more questions and I’ll let you go. First, besides your stuff obviously, what should our listeners be seeking out and listening to?

I was going to ask you, you’re the guy running a site about other people’s music. I just run a site for my own work, selfish me, haha. I guess I spend enough time online making my living I need a break here and there and don’t use that time to check out other people’s work. I wish I did though, I love discovering new music – but that’s why I know people like you.

And, finally, if you could meet any one person and take them out to lunch, who would it be and where would you take them?

Myself when I was 13. That little brat needs a good beating…

But seriously, I would love to grab lunch with Justin Timberlake and pitch him some ideas.


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  1. dude, i know blackwolf! he used to do comics for my site

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