Hali on LBC

Hali Hatting is a friend of mine… she’s a lover of music, the wife of a Naval Officer, a soon-to-be mommy, and the first writer confirmed to join the TPM staff with the new revamped site in March (I know, I know, it was supposed to be revamped a few weeks ago, but I’ve been a bit busy).

Honest and fair, here’s what she has to say about La Bella Charade… some good, some not so good… enjoy:

La Bella Charade
St. Louis, MO
Album – All Friends, No Fans

My first impressions of this St Louis, MO band were that they certainly didn’t lack talent. The clean and clear vocals of Patrick Hooper drew me in and the rhythmic beats of drummer John Mathieson certainly kept me intrigued. I had high hopes as the album progressed, being reminded of groups such as Alkaline Trio and Good Charlotte. Although not typically found on my playlist, both bands have been known to sway me with some of their more popular tracks. Unfortunately with this particular album, I found myself growing more and more disappointed as each “new” song presented itself. It’s not that any one song was all that unpleasant, but more that they all made me feel as if I had accidentally left itunes on a one-track loop. Of course, LBC didn’t put thirteen versions of the same song on this album, but no one track was distinguishable from each other until the last min or two of the song. Which is a shame, considering that some of their tracks take an interesting and enjoyable transition.

A few stand out tracks on this album were “Diamonds”, “Let the Big Dog Eat”, and “I’m the Choir, Quit Preaching to it”. All three of these songs were quite catchy and certainly had me humming along. I don’t doubt that LBC have a relatively strong following, and with the release of their new album, All Friends, No Fans, they will most definitely garner a handful of new ones. If you are into pop punk this is a band you will want to check out, but I wouldn’t advise you listen to the entire album straight through.

~ by thepaintedman on January 23, 2011.

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