Venia on TPM for the Second Time This Week!


Venia’s newest EP, I’ve Lost All Faith in Myself, is another solid release from one of thepaintedman’s favorite Spirit-Filled Hardcore bands and favorite hardcore bands in general. Five tracks that tear into the listener the way all good hardcore should, this is punishing music with a positive powerful message.

From the opening riff of “Crux” through the killer closing track “Calloused”, there isn’t a weak moment on the EP. In the words of Ben, guitarist for the band, influences include:

Figure Four, Buried Alive, Madball, Another Victim, Merauder, and a little Trial here or there. Mainly heavier hardcore bands that have a metallic edge to them. I guess anything that comes out of the NYHC scene has influenced us as well.

It’s fair to assume that fans of these bands, as well as any of the labelmates of Venia, NEED to check out Venia as soon as possible.

While all 5 tracks are solid, 2 stand out as thepaintedman’s favorites on the EP, the final 2. Track 4 is “The Call” and features former Strongarm vocalist and Spirit-Filled Hardcore legend, Jason Berggren. The track is now only brutal, but very melodic. Being a sucker for interwoven gang vocals, there are moments in the song that give thepaintedman chills. The closer, the aforementioned “Calloused”, also rock thepaintedman’s face off.

If you are a fan of face melting tunes with a message of love, strength, and faith… this is a must have EP for you.


~ by thepaintedman on January 27, 2011.

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