Short and Sweet: Shorties 2011

Tragically Yours – Redemption of the Damned


So, I once knew this kid named Doug. His best friend was my best friend, so sometimes we fought a little. We were young, like 10 or something… but we grew up. He always had good taste in music, notably the burgeoning punk and indie scene of Northern NJ, where he himself played in a band with a weird Aussie kid named after his mother’s favorite McDonald’s sandwich. I’d lost track of him when I left for college, but some months ago, we reconnected…

Now, it seems, he had been spending his days rooting for the Devils and playing bass in a band that sounds like a modern rock channeling of the spirits of Sabbath and Zeppelin. A band that can honestly engender comparisons to Faith No More, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, INXS, Black Sabbath, 90’s grunge, and even Styx at different moments in one 7-song EP is quite impressive. Diverse and powerful, Tragically Yours shows that this kid named Doug that I once knew still knows music even if I don’t really know him anymore.

Guitar solo at the beginning of “Everything” would melt even Jimi’s face off. Redemption of the Damned is the album that Wolfmother wishes they’d put out. The Rock Gods are pleased.

Alan Semerdjian – The Big Beauty


Refined, clean, and well crafted indie pop-rock. Alan S. is a talented dude and a great songwriter, as obviously demonstrated here. The musicianship is solid, both from the band and all the guests. “Why only 7 ½ stars?” you ask, after reading the above glowing words. For this reviewer it’s simply that the album lacked the “wow” factor to push it over the top. That said, it’s a great listen, and for many it’ll become a heavy rotation album… NPR listeners and college radio DJs will swoon, but I’ll just pop it in when I’m looking for a mellow album to work or write to. Mark these words, however: “Alan Semerdjian is at the beginning of a promising, long, and (hopefully) lucrative career.”

Head over to his website and listen for yourself

~ by thepaintedman on January 28, 2011.

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