Screw the Couch!

So, for those of you who weren’t following my “Get Healthy” posts on TPM, I’ll start with a brief introduction to my journey from “fat ass” to “slightly less fat ass” so far.

Like 2 months ago, I started getting pretty serious about my need to get healthier. I weighed 367 pounds, was always tired, and wasn’t eating particularly well. I’d lost and gained weight so many times in my life that I felt like I had no choice this time… it couldn’t just be another one of those diets that I fall off of in a few months. I tried to do Insanity, but found that my body was NOT ready for that yet, so a few weeks later I began the Couch to 5k program.

Today, I weight 335 pounds, which would probably be less had I not backslid about 4-5 pounds on vacation. I track my food and exercise with MyFitnessPal, even logging my bad days for accountability. It really helps.

Now that you have a small background, let’s talk Cto5k! Today was Week 5 Day 2. I ran 2 8 minute runs (the longest yet) and did pretty well. What’s even more awesome is that I’m officially more than half way done. It’s really tough, my feet get sore, my body weak, but… it’s really rewarding. The encouragement of friends and family is really helpful, so thanks to all of you!

Road Less Traveled

This is a picture of where I was at today’s halfway point (which is also the halfway point of the entire program). Ironically, it was a crossroad. I didn’t have to choose which way to go, seeing as I turned back to run to my starting point, as I always do when my app tells me I’m at the halfway mark. The metaphor, however, was not lost on me. I’m choosing a tougher road, but one that’s worth it.

In closing, here was today’s playlist:

Bouncing Souls – Sing Along Forever
Dead Milkmen – Nutrition
The Kinison – Hey Hey Hey
Operation Ivy – Sound System
MC Lars & YTCracker – Do the Bruce Campbell
POD – Alive
The Prodigy – Omen
The Hives – Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Refused – New Noise
Shotgun No Blitz – You’re Not as Cool as You Think
NoFX – The Idiots are Taking Over


~ by thepaintedman on July 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Screw the Couch!”

  1. Great job…. You are making me think maybe I should try and we can all enter a 5K together.

  2. Awesome job, Just! Park looks beautiful too. Sounds like you are really into it. Keep up the great work!

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