Spoiler Alert: Batman was AWESOME

So, Batman was awesome, that part when Superman flew in and defeated the giant robots controlled by Lex Luthor than were helping Bane was incredible. And the battle between Bruce Wayne and his clone, that was amazing. Don’t get me started about the BIG surprise, when Yoda came to help retrain Bruce with the help of Mace Windu…

John Blake and Jim Gordon

Ok, so I’m obviously full of crap, but The Dark Knight Rises really was incredible. Despite the fanboy complaints I’ve seen on the Interwebs about plot holes and such, the film is thoroughly enjoyable. Are there things that could be tightened up? Yes. Is it perfect? No. Is it the third awesome installment in an awesome series of movies about an awesome hero? Yup.

I don’t want to write a true film review, because there are about 8000 on the Web already and most of those writing them know more about film, the Batman comics, etc. than I. What I do want to do, however, is state that I find the movie to be a very good one, maybe even the best in the series (though I need to watch it a ton more before I could say definitively).

What I need to highlight before wrapping up are some key points. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake is my favorite character, I think. Great acting, great role. I really like Ann Hathaway’s depiction of Selina Kyle, too. This all said, Michael Caine is incredible and put me in tears at least twice. None of the actors bothered me in any way (as Katie Holmes did occasionally in Begins).

I know some friends who disagree and some who agree. What did you think? Leave some comments here and we’ll discuss!


~ by thepaintedman on July 22, 2012.

12 Responses to “Spoiler Alert: Batman was AWESOME”

  1. Totally agree with you on JGL, Hathaway and Caine…those 3 roles were absolute perfection. I especially loved the nice touch at the very end with Blake. My question remains…what plot holes!?

  2. Sigh..these aren’t plotholes, they are idiots being nitpicky and breaking down every last scene instead of enjoying the ride. How did Bruce make it back from the pit? Why was he ok with Bane dying? Blah blah blah…you know why/how? Because he’s Batman. Now shutup, enjoy the movie, and pass me the popcorn.

  3. Foiled again!

    • In another discussion we can debate about how you think MCR is one of the best live acts you’ve seen… I can honestly say there are only 2 bands I remember getting worse each time I saw them, MCR and Hot Rod Circuit…

  4. ok, so … you’re going to think i’m just being difficult w/ this movie. i own the 2nd, and have watched it far too many times. basically i’m saying that i’m not making fun of this because it’s a superhero movie. off we go:
    i’m not sure why this bothered me the most, but it did, and still does. his knee. it really really bothered me. more than the spine & push up-fueled jump. i just can’t get over that. he’s essentially out of commission. i know it’s not a plot hole, just something that rubbed me the wrong way. that brace came off. had to have. esp in the prison. and, that doesn’t just not hurt.
    alright. now there’s the ‘big’ one. how he and bane got to the prison. i’m sure bruce had money and resources elsewhere in order to get back, but it doesn’t mean that that would be so easy. certainly not on the way there.
    after that there’s just nitpicking stuff. if talia was doing the league of shadows thing … why was she tossing money into save-the-world investments. it was established that they (los) had used economic devices to destroy civilizations.
    i don’t know man, there were just a bunch of things that were insulting. i think it was just rushed, and he should have taken time with it, or cut a lot of shit out. i know it’s exactly what you want to hear (getting two movies), but if he made the first lead up to and end w/ his imprisonment, then spent a second movie on his return/saving the city, i wouldn’t have felt like the concept of robin was being pushed down my throat. the dialogue between catwoman and batman/bruce wouldn’t have been as insultingly … thoughtless. the entirety of her character is delivered by him saying “no, i don’t think that’s all of you” shit. i could have trusted talia for a reason other than her sleeping w/ bruce wayne, instead of just seeing her as a peripheral character wedged into the plot at the end.
    and lastly, though i do really have a lot of gripes with this movie), if i’m going to suspend disbelief for batman, i’m going to have to do it for our armed forces as well. if israeli (or whoever’s) forces can take out iranian nuclear scientists, and wipe out their computer systems, take part in all of this espionage/covert operations, then someone should be able to get in there. send in snake plissken.
    for real, i rolled my eyes a lot. i thought alfred weeping was pandering to the audience and too early in the film for entreaties.

    also … why the fuck did bane have a uk accent? :)

    • Your nitpickiness I won’t address, because even you get that it’s nitpicky. But the knee thing is a good legit point. Only thing that really bugged me at all.

      Bane’s voice was… well… weird. In fact, with Bale’s bad Batman voice and Bane dying in that one scene, I could barely understand anything either of them were saying… haha.

      Reminded me of this:

    • PS. I think splitting it in 2 movies isn’t an awful idea at all.

    • PPS. Alfred made me cry.

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