Chickens with Guns!

On a day where contraception is mandatory to be covered by all insurance without a co-pay and droves of Christians are causing traffic jams near the local Chick-Fil-A stores, I asked Facebook if I should stick to my plan of writing about the tragedy in Aurora and gun rights or if I should blog about today’s outpouring of Christian mass-hysteria… my wording was actually something along the lines of “guns or chickens”. Pastor Dan, a Facebook friend, suggested “Chickens WITH Guns!”

This blog… is… NOT… about chickens with guns, however…

My thoughts on this Chick-Fil-A/Conservative Christian America/LBGT Rights topic are not going to go unblogged, but the topic is a tad too fresh for me to write about just yet. I will undoubtedly be more brash and offensive than I wish to be (yes, even for me), so I’m sticking to my discussion of the Aurora incident. Today, I’ll leave the Chick-Fil-A debacle with only one thought: I am not, myself, gay, but I am very tempted to head over to the local store with some cute dude and make out until they kick us out.

On to the topic at hand, the the awful tragedy at Aurora and the aftermath… let’s start by clearing a few things up for the misguided media…

First and foremost, the Joker never had red hair in any on screen depiction that I can remember. Nerd can correct me, if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the signature green hair was there in every comic depiction, as well. Keep this in mind when trying to blame the movie by stating, “he even died his hair red to be like the Joker.”

Secondly, anyone who wants to blame mental illness if way off base… it’s all about a sick, depraved young man who had evil in his heart. Nothing more, nothing less. I work with mentally ill criminals every day. This man is likely mentally ill, but that’s not why he did this.

Society, however, does certainly play some role. How can it not? And one obvious linkage is the issue of gun rights and gun control. Apparently, the politicians don’t seem to agree (see below video).

This all said… whether or not people want to buy into it, now IS the time to discuss the issue of gun ownership. And, rather than preach at my readership (all 3 of you), I just want to start some dialog with a few questions…

1. What purpose do automatic weapons serve other than to shoot at people? Should they remain legal? Why or why not?

2. If gun laws don’t have any link to gun deaths in America, why do states with more restrictive gun laws have less successful suicides?

3. What do you think about the prominence of PTSD in those who have been involved in gun violence? Should there be a trauma screening in order to obtain gun ownership?

4. If restrictive access to guns is not beneficial, what would you do in order to aid in legislating a cultural change in the country with the largest gun violence numbers in the world?

5. Finally, if the evil of man is to blame (which it is), are we simply doomed to suffer this fate every few years… another large scale national tragedy every now and again that we cannot prevent?

Food for thought. Share your thoughts if you would… and share your questions, too!


~ by thepaintedman on August 2, 2012.

5 Responses to “Chickens with Guns!”

  1. A couple thoughts:

    Chick-fil-A – I am 100% for gay rights. However, the CEO didn’t slander or demean gays in any way. He simply stated his beliefs. I disagree with him, but he has a right to them. For people to react so hatefully and to boycott the restaurants will not help to reach a resolution at all.

    My boss had a great idea – if you want to own an assault rifle, you have to keep it at a gun range. It remains locked there and you can use it and shoot it and show it off whenever you want. You cannot leave with it.

    • I love the gun idea. Love it.

      As to the Chick-Fil-A thing… when an organization financially supports a known hate group, that puts extra weight behind the words of said CEO. Additionally, I can’t assert that his words weren’t demeaning because his opinion was filled with hate and leads to continued oppression.

    • Also, boycotting the restaurants makes sense, as the money made off of my delicious chicken sandwich supports a known hate group.

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