Robby, Mikey, and Jimmy

What do Rob Bell, Michael Signorelli, and Jimmy Aceino have in common? I’m not totally sure, aside from that they are all in my brief blog for today. I realized that I haven’t blogged in ages. Today I buck that trend… and I will begin to prep some reviews and stuff for the near future. For now, here are a few things to share with you folks!

Going out of order, I’m starting with Jimmy. Jimmy Aceino is a dude I’ve known since high school. Over the years he’s played in a bunch of bands from Anberlin to Evelyn Hope, in fact I think he was in a band with Ringo Starr at one point. Most of you Jimmy Aceino fans don’t know this, though. Jimmy started his illustrious musical career in a band called Giving Way, featuring members of NJ’s Holler Wild Rose, and you can download one of their recently uncovered tracks in this blog’s Download Section.

NOTE: I have a small stack of Giving Way photos that I found recently but misplaced. I WILL find them and I WILL scan them… stay tuned.

Secondly, I move to Rob Bell. Not a ton to say about this guy… yet. I just started reading Love Wins. I’m feeling pretty excited after reading the preface. I suspect it’s going to be a book I dig a ton.

And last, but not least, Mr. Michael “Fathom Bears in Sorrow” Signorelli…

Mike is the front man for Fathom Blue. The reason I wanted to give him a quick shout in today’s blog is simple: Mike is awesome.

“Why is Mike awesome?” you ask. Mike is currently in NJ doing Sandy relief work. He’ll be there tomorrow, too. Then he heads to some cool relief efforts in NYC for Thursday and Friday, before driving all the way back to Chicago for a concert on Saturday night.

What else? I finally got to hang with Mike, after years of courting each other on the Interwebs.

“I want proof!” you demand. Somehow we never took a pic together… but I did get a pic of him hanging with my little men! Check it!

Michael Signorelli


~ by thepaintedman on November 14, 2012.

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