Best Albums of 2012

I have been quiet on the blog front, but in 2013 you should all expect that to change for several reasons…

First, I deactivated my Book Face account. Why? Many reasons, but the short answer is that it did nothing to improve my quality of life.

Second, I plan on reposting pieces from another site I write for over the next few weeks because that site is going dead.

Third, I found a ton of old high school and college papers on a disc the other day and I plan to share them… for better or worse.

2013 is the year of the blog.

With that all said, I figured I’d kick this year off by counting down thepaintedman’s top 9 albums of 2012 (because everyone does top ten lists, so thepaintedman just HAD to be different):

9. The NoidVillains!

This album and the next are both 2011 releases that were released late in the year and picked up by thepaintedman in 2012. The Noid is a local Philly area band who puts on a great show and honors the classic punk rock sound. Villains! displays a great punk rock sound for fans of bands like The Damned, The Misfits, and TSOL. Punk with pop sensibilities, always close to my heart.

8. The KominasThe Kominas

The Kominas also released their “best of 2012” album in 2011, but who’s counting? This group of Pakistani-American punks infuse the music of their native culture with the punk rock sound and aesthetic. The result is, simply, great music.

7. Say Anything – Anarchy, My Dear

While not one of their top few releases, nearly anything released by SA is pleasing to my ears. There are a few shining stars on this album, too. “Burn a Miracle”, “Say Anything”, and “Anarchy, My Dear” are stellar tracks.

6. CookBookThe Smell of Success

Cook’s first true album in a few years. After a series of solid mixtapes, released for free or extremely cheap, Cook went all out on production and released this gem. He even landed a track on a Superbowl commercial in 2012.

5. TallhartBloodlines

Saw these guys open for Say Anything, they rocked. Got their new album, it rocked. With a release like this and the support of some largers acts and a good label, I suspect these kids have a great future.

4. fun. – Some Nights

America’s favorite Queen meets pop punk meets hip hop meets 90s alt-rock band… fun. is fun.

3. Fathom BlueBrave Anything

Mike Signorelli and his crew channel roots rock, Further Seems Forever, pop sensibilities, and a smidge of hardcore edge to create their debut full length. They’ve been taking Chicago-land by storm, just keep an eye out as they begin to conquer the USA and, eventually, the world.

2. Blayer Pointdujour & the Rockers GaloreThe Bull

Frontman Blayer Pointdujour has been doing music for years, but it’s more than fair to call this his most ambitious project yet. Haitian music collides with a rock n’ roll soul and hip hop influences all the while honoring a punk rock ethic on The Bull. If you like alt-rock that is willing to break the rules and grow the borders, this is it.

1. Santigold – Masters of My Make Believe

Speaking of diverse, NYC by way of Philly gal Santigold is about as diverse as they come. A few years back, he debut single, “Les Artistes”, made it’s first impact on alternative radio and satellite radio stations. But, it’s just as appropriate that you may hear Santi on your local hip hop station. This album has been stuck on repeat in my household since it’s been out and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

So… there it is, my top 9. Thoughts? Glaring omissions? Let me know below!


~ by thepaintedman on January 12, 2013.

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