Dave Likes to Rock and/or Roll

Here is a short interview (originally posted a soon to be defunct Berks county website) with Dave Addison, local (Greater Philly area) rocker. It’s a brief email exchange, check it below:

Who is Dave Addison, the musician? You’ve been doing music for years, tell me about your projects.

I started playing music (bass actually)in the 7th grade after a cousin of mine from my hometown, Newport, RI played “Anesthesia” off Metallica’s Kill’em all, Cliff Burton is a rock god!

Bass lasted only a short few months till I was playing the guitar, that was about 25 years ago, yes I just dated myself.

Who is Dave Addison, the man? Besides music, what is it that fills your time?

I am, well, old now. 2 kids and a 50 hour a week job, I am writing music because I have for a huge part of my life, it’s like therapy to me, a way to convey internal grief and frustration, unfortunately that’s mostly the case. never wrote a song that started w/ sunshine, smiley faces and butterflies!

What does Avoiding the End mean?

Well, I guess, avoiding the days where I can’t or won’t write music anymore, or on a bigger scale avoiding the day it all just ends. Death. I think we all avoid death in some way on a daily basis, never forget you could just die tomorrow. I’m trying to teach myself to appreciate each and every day more for what it is… another day alive.

Your Facebook page cites Chuck Ragan as an influence and the second I played a track, it was obvious that your vocal style is similar to Chuck’s? What is it about Ragan’s music that draws you and influences you?

Hot Water Music was a huge influence to me in the past, the forever and counting album was ground breaking to me in the early 90’s. Ragan’s solo acoustic stuff is amazing, a little folk, a little punk w/ a small dose of Florida country… Chris Wollard and the Ship of Thieve’s album is insanely good, the other HWM guitarist. He inspires me each and ever time I hear that album till this day.

Who are some of your other influences?

Hawks and Doves, singer from Planes Mistaken for Stars on No Idea Records. Best, original, groundbreaking album I’ve heard in years. Sundowner, guy from Lawrence Arms. City and Color, guy from Alexisonfire. I wish I could sing like that dude, I’m really not a singer at all, just a song writer, guitar player…

What is your favorite song that you’ve ever written?

“Making History”, new AtE is up there, I also have a new one I’m finishing as I type this that I really love… most favorite of all time would be: “Rewind”,”Magnify”, and “Sad Songs Never Die” written w/ my old band in California, Watch it Burn

Will you be playing any live shows soon?

Not likely.

The goal would be to take these songs, find someone who’s interested and that could actually sing and start playing a few acoustic open mics and/or “shows”

So, there’s a brief intro to Dave Addison! We’re supposed to hang out soon, so stay tuned for more.

For now, check out “Making History” and try not to enjoy it, I dare ya!


~ by thepaintedman on January 22, 2013.

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