Allahu Akbar

So, I wrote the other week about how we should be open to learning from other faiths and cultures… AND… I reposted a few pieces about The Taqwacores… so… here’s the sermon that I ended up churning out last week…

I note in my YouTube comments that my bio on Michael Muhammad Knight is not all that great. I made it quick and dirty, and it’s not really all that accurate, but it painted a quick picture of the man who wrote some of the most impacting works I have read in years.

I also wanted to not something interesting about the sermon preparation. About 45 minutes prior to speaking, I snuck into the pastor’s office to pray and was led to cross out a small section of my outline. Looking back, I see why I was led as such… was really interesting and something new for me.

I really just hope that posting this can generate a dialog. Use the comment section here, the one in the YouTube, or whatever to discuss these ideas. I truly believe that God is bigger and hope that the message comes across loud and clear.


~ by thepaintedman on February 22, 2013.

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  1. Very Nice Justin!!!

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