Toothy Ghosts Sound Like Sigur Ros


A Ghost with Teeth

A Ghost with Teeth is the digital split EP from Cassowaries and pssprtt. Never heard of Cassowaries or pssprtt? That’s okay, neither have I. This presented me with the choice of either researching the two artists or composing an organic review based solely on the EP itself. I, dear friends, have chosen the latter, partially due to my laziness in the matter and partially due to my belief that listening to music free of preconceived notions can often produce the truest examination of said music. My ramblings aside, I present you with my organic, albeit relatively terse, thoughts on A Ghost with Teeth.

The digital EP is comprised of six tracks, the first three by Cassowaries and the latter three by pssprtt. All of the tracks have an ambient to them where the focus is never on the lyrical content, but rather on the music. If the tracks were not labeled as being by two different artists, one would unlikely be able to delineate between the two acts without a good amount of scrutiny, at least at first. The biggest difference to note is that Cassowaries seem to float into a harder, more abrasive realm in two of their three tracks.

The opening track, “Crystal Gazers on Fire”, is the only track where the vocals are such a prominent piece of the musical puzzle. Somewhat sung in a chanting style, the rapid paced choral group sings for a brief minute or so, presenting a solid introduction to the EP. “Werewolved”, which is the third track and, hence, the final track by Cassowaries, comes across as a mad scientist ranting with a musical backdrop. The vocal track is muffled and relatively incomprehensible, however this is undoubtedly intentional and is a perfect fit for the overall feel of the song.

All three of pssprtt’s tracks and the second Cassowaries track have a very similar, Sigur Ros-like ambiance. All vocals are understated and blend in as more of an instrumental element than a lyrical voice. These tracks are all very soothing, though at some times they are quite eerie.

Overall, for two artists that I’ve never heard of and downloaded for free, this was a great EP to stumble upon. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.


~ by thepaintedman on November 5, 2008.

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