The Skylife



Sometimes I find it hard to put into words what I think about music. I find reviewing EPs particularly tough, in fact. I often feel like there isn’t enough music to make me decide fully what I think. While this is completely untrue for most of the EPs release by Velvet Blue (a great label that I have contested for some time is at its best when releasing EPs), it tends to be the case for most other bands and labels. The Skylife’s self-titled EP is no exception.

As I had intended on posting this review last week, I have continually pushed it back due to the fact that I have less to say about the release than I’d prefer. I’ll start with some of my basic feelings about the EP, then I will share my raw, unedited notes (originally scribble on a steno notebook at work):

Despite being an East Coast act (specifically from my home area of Philly), the band has a very West Coast sound with vocals that are hauntingly familiar, despite the fact I can’t pinpoint who the vocals remind me of exactly. The EP is very radio friendly, as it sounds like radio punk inspired alternative rock at times and emo tinged indie rock at others; fans of Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Silversun Pickups, Anberlin, and Taking Back Sunday will all find something here they like. As a fan of Jimmy Eat World, The Juliana Theory, and Sunny Day Real State, I can hear an older emo/indie influence, as well. Overall, the sound is extremely radio friendly and far from “original” but it’s not teeny bopper garbage. It can simply be best described played and well produced alternative rock with emo and pop-punk leanings. While the EP was enjoyable, it loses a few points with me for being a bit generic. I don’t expect that it will be in heavy rotation for me, by any means… but I wouldn’t be surprised to pull it out for a listen here and there.

As far as the songs go, here are some quick thoughts I had on each track:

1 – Opening riff reminds me of an opening riff to one of my favorite tracks by Dead Poetic. Good vocal harmonies, well written lyrics.

2 – Something a bit Jimmy Eat World-ish early in the track, yet somehow something made me think of At the Drive-In, too… maybe the background yell at the open of the track. The voice is very familiar, especially during the harmonies. Good tempo change going into chorus. Overall Anberlin type feel here… only it’s not crap.

3 – First downtempo track here. Emo emo emo. I kinda hear a bit of a Snow Patrol type thing here, too.

4 – Another song that makes me think of Anberlin. Very West Coast sound (Anberlin isn’t a WC band, but they have “that” sound)

5 – I think this is my favorite track. By this 5th track, it seems like they are hitting their stride a bit. An LP should do them more justice.


~ by thepaintedman on July 6, 2009.

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