Tater Tots and Rock'N'Roll

No need for an intro… without further ado, here’s Heather from Kissing Cousins

Hi Heather, thanks for doing this interview for my readers. Let’s start out simple. Can you tell us about yourself a bit?

I have lived in Los Angeles for 9 years, originally from Birmingham, AL. I also play bass in Summer Darling with my husband. I like chocolate and red lipstick.

How about the rest of the band, like who does what?

If you mean instruments then: Beth plays drums, Kara plays flute/keys/bgv, Melissa plays bass, Alexis plays glock/keys, I play guitar and sing. If you mean hobbies, then that list would be way too long.

How long have you gals been rocking together? Did you know each other before becoming a band?

We have been a band since late 2005. Beth, Rhea, Kara, and I. Alexis is an unofficial member, which basically means she plays with us when she can. Melissa joined last year after Rhea moved away. We are all very close friends. I have known Beth and Alexis the longest going on 9 years. Kara married my former bandmate of Summer Darling/Map and Rhea is his best friend. We met Melissa last year watching her band Shiloe.

I’ve reviewed all of your releases for one site or another. I have compared your sound to bands like Portishead and The Breeders at different points, as well as the obvious comparison to PJ Harvey. While I think these comparisons are of merit, I’d rather ask you where you think your sounds comes from… influences, bands you like, etc?

Well, I love all of those gals! PJ is one of my favorites and of course Blonde Redhead, Radiohead, but I really like 60’s and 70’s rock. New music faves include: Deerhunter, Tweak Bird, and Restavrant.

Your sound has been pretty consistent, but I think this newest release shows a bit more raw power and can be a bit harder than the other stuff, if I remember correctly… would you agree? And, if so, what brought on this harsher edge?

I definitely agree. We have always been a loud band live and I think it finally just seeped into the writing style. A natural progression.

Ok, so, at this point in my interview I usually veer away from music a bit, so I won’t break my trend. Besides music, what other types of things do you occupy your time doing?

Dodgers baseball and other girlie stuff.

Excited about any of the Summer movies that have come out or are on their way?

I am so stoked for Harry Potter that I have entered several contests trying to see an early screening or the IMAX premiere. Public Enemies and Moon.

I am also very stoked on the new Potter flick. Speaking of fun “kids” movies, I have a son, his name is Cash Hendrix. I also have a dog named Strummer. Do you ever find yourself naming pets or children, or anything for that matter, after favorite musicians?

My girl cat is named Polly Jean, my boy cat Marley, and my dog is named Penelope (Pinback).

Ok, so here’s where I usually bring it back into music and start to wrap up the interview. Is that ok with you?


Well, here’s a question I haven’t had the chance to ask anyone at VBM before despite working in some manner with Jeff for some time on reviews or shows or whathaveyou: What is Jeff like?

Cloud is RAD! and tall. He loves having a good time, can talk to anyone, and is very generous. We love him!

He always comes off as super supportive of his musicians, do you find that he is always behind you with what you are trying to do in your music?

He definitely gets excited for us.

Who do you think is his favorite member of your band and why?

Me, of course! No explanation needed!

Ha. Well, I guess the wrap up starts now. Plug your new album in 10 words or less.

Shang-ri-las meets Black Sabbath with killer flute solos!

Coming out to the east coast at all? We’d love to catch a show out this way sometime.

We will get there!

Keep in touch with us here at TPM, looking forward to more from you and the other gals. How about leaving the readers with one final profound moment or perhaps some words to live by?

Tater tots.


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