Former DKM Guitarist Keeps on Rocking



Everybody Out! is the brain child of former Dropkick Murphys guitarist, Rick Barton and Lost City Angels frontman Sweeney Todd. While Todd has left the band and returned to the UK per several sources, the band is still on tour and his great raspy punk vocal stylings can be enjoyed on this self-titled release on Taang! Records.

Like Barton’s famous former band, Everybody Out! is a punk rock act with influences ranging from Celtic music to ska to hardcore. Also like his former band, the finished product is an enjoyable and fun album that reminds many of us of why we love punk rock to begin with.

The CD opens with a brief spoken word into before breaking into a straight ahead punk anthem, “Wide Awake”. The song is about opening our eyes and charging forward into the day. Fantastic message, good lyrics, and a great sing song punk rock chorus.

The CD rolls on through a few more tracks of blood, sweat, and fist pumping, all the while indulging Sweeney Todd’s raspy rock voice, before rolling into the ska-punk of “Jack the Lad” and the Andrew W. K. esque keyboard rock of “All I Got.” Through this, the 6th track, there is no break in the dancing, singing along, or cheering.

As track 7, “Truth”, picks up, it becomes evident that there is very little chance there will be a break in the action. Lyrically, this is another song about typical punk rock topic matter of governments withholding the truth and force feeding us what they want us to know. In today’s world, this song’s relevancy is unmistakable.

We continue to roll through “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” with a youthful chorus that exclaims, “Won’t you give it up, we won’t take it, no we won’t take no more of your shit…” By this time in the album, the listener should expect nothing less… but then, we get throw the curveball.

The eighth tune is entitled “Billy Cole” and is a Celtic ballad of sorts, much in the tradition of The Pogues, The Popes, or some other Shane McGowan fronted act. As should be no surprise by the resumes of the members of this band, they deliver the goods on this track that tells the tale of someone that’s been through all the worst life can deal you. Solid song, overall.

The album finished off with 4 more tracks of inspired punk rock tunes, highlighting all the same musical influences that the listener has now been expecting since the first few tracks. “Transistor Jim” brings Dropkick Murphys to the forefront of mind, while “Avenue” engenders visions of Rancid’s better days (albeit the piano/keyboard still has that Andrew W.K. feel to it). The next to final track, “No Runaway” is the type of punk rock tune that you and your buddies sing together in a huddle in a crowded firehall or dive bar… I can’t help but think of a great now defunct band from Philly called One21 when I listen to this track, and, believe me, that is a compliment. The last track shows some hardcore influences, as it is one of the most raucous tracks. While it’s a shorter track, it’s power is a great way to finish the album.

Overall, it’s just a great album for people like myself who have begun to lose faith in punk rock today. For every Fall Out Boy (who certainly have their own niche in the scene, mind you), there NEEDS to be an Everybody Out! Great punk rock done how it’s supposed to be done.


~ by thepaintedman on July 30, 2009.

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