ILLECT Updates

Josh from ILLECT sent this email out today, figured I’d pass it along… and remind you of Contest Week’s first contest.

Welcome to another update from the Illect crew.

What’s new?

a. Josh just returned from a trip to the land down under (Australia). The land that flows with kangaroo, dingo, Tim Tams, Red Roostah and of course hip-hop. It was a fresh trip and we met heaps of Aussie hip-hoppers at several events. Check for some photos on Facebook. Be on the lookout for some collaborations between Aussie emcees and Illect soon.

b. Modern Marvels CDs are being pressed right now and will be available real soon. Look for this album and Lord Fire 2 to hit iTunes and other digital retailers asap.

c. We’ve got some special audio treats on the way from the Illect family. Stay tuned.

d. Cas Metah has a new Facebook page up. Hit up the spot for the latest on him. Be sure to click Become a Fan at the top of the page.

e. Help a friend learn to Mind the Rap.


~ by thepaintedman on October 12, 2009.

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