Worth a Thousand Words: Debtor

“Worth a Thousand Words” is a new feature that will be posted from time to time. It’s strictly a photo essay and will not have accompanying writing/captions/dialogue/etc. I will, however, mention that a review of Debtor’s album will be up later this week, as I am dubbing this week, “Hardcore Week”, focusing on some great bands keeping hardcore alive today. Enjoy.


~ by thepaintedman on January 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “Worth a Thousand Words: Debtor”

  1. thanks bro!

  2. For sure, the show was great and my 14 month old son is diggin’ on your EP!

  3. […] was introduced to Debtor when I bumped into a friend, Debtor’s bassist Skot Rudy, who told me he was in a new band. While […]

  4. […] album of diverse influences from the hardcore, metal, punk, and Southern rock realms. While Skot Debtor (label-mate of Divide the Sea, friend of mine, Straight Edge extraordinaire, and all around good […]

  5. […] “Worth a Thousand Words” in which thepaintedman posted photo essays, without words, on Debtor and The Lion. Today, a single picture, snagged at a truck stop off of I-78 this morning, for the […]

  6. […] Debtor – Bloodseeds Debtor’s bassist stinks, but this album rocks. […]

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