Warm Me Up: February Mixtape

As I sit here, snowed in, for the second time in a week, I am watching Independence Day on VHS. Since today is a cold day, where I need something to warm me up, I decided to start off with a bit of the sound of the surf to open this one up. The closer: (Pictured on the right) Michael Signorelli’s winning entry for the ReverseRemixThis! Contest in which entrants were asked to prepare lyrics and vocals for a great instrumental track by the VBM band, Map. In between, new track from Cook & UNO, killer hardcore from Twin Killing and Debtor, and a whole lot more. ENJOY!

1. Mainsail’s “Endless Summer” is the opening track off of the recent release from Joel Bennett’s latest musical endeavor. Buy the CD on iTunes here.

2. Debtor’s “Escape” is also a leadoff track. It’s from their EP entitled Deliverance. Spirit Filled Hardcore is back!

3. Twin Killing’s “Hard Times” is one of my favorite tracks from their 2008 release, …If This Could Last Forever. A real hardcore song in a world where mallcore reigns. Love it!

4. Cook & UNO’s “Where Ya Been All My Life?” (Featuring Pigeon John) is off of C&U Music Factory, the newest release from the duo formerly known as “The Eternals”. Throw in my favorite MC and it’s a trio to swoon over. Expect a review of the album within the next week.

5. The Glass Gentlemen’s “Ocean Stars” is another example of this indie band’s talent and ability. Brad and Brad continue to crank out viable, relevant music, even if most of the world has no idea who they are.

6. Jennings’s “Surrender” is a killer track from this future pop starlet. Get on board now… and, check out a review of the Storybook EP.

7. Megaphone’s “My Favorite New Disaster” is an enjoyable track from this radio friendly rock act. Look for a review on the site soon.

8. The Pimps of Joytime’s “Joytime Radio”. What do I need to say about a band called The Pimps of Joytime? How can this not be a song you want to hear?

9. Look Mexico’s “You’re Not Afraid of the Dark Are You?” is a track by this solid Lujo Records act. If you are familiar with Lujo, you know that they produce quality music.

10. TechnoBears’s “Night of the Brainless Date” is another breath of fresh air. TechnoBears has entered several of the TPM remix contests and I’ve always enjoyed his contributions. This is no different. Enjoy.

11. CONTEST WINNER: Map’s “Issues and Subscriptions” (featuring Michael Signorelli of the85bears). Michael did a great job with this. Of course, he had a great backdrop to work with… but he delivered, earning himself Map’s entire discography as his prize. Congrats, Mike Email me with an address to send your prize to).

Like Mike’s take on this Map track? Check out more by his band, the85bears.

But, wait there’s more…

12. BONUS TRACK (Runner up): Map’s “Issues and Subscriptions” (featuring David Paskey).

13. BONUS TRACK (Runner up): Map’s “Issues and Subscriptions” (featuring Kiko Correa).

14. BONUS TRACK (Runner up): Map’s “Issues and Subscriptions” (featuring Daniel Stirling).

(You three should also Email me for your prizes).


~ by thepaintedman on February 10, 2010.

9 Responses to “Warm Me Up: February Mixtape”

  1. Excited to listen to the new mixtape!

  2. Word to your mother!

  3. I have to say, this is a great mixtape! ;)

  4. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by thepaintedman: MIXTAPE TIME!!!! http://trunc.it/5fze2 (this month features @cookbookthepr, @cookanduno, @dothepigeon, and many more)…

  5. Awesome! This is Jocelyn from Lujo Records. Thanks for the love! Cool blog!

  6. Thanks Jocelyn… any friend of Eric’s is a friend of mine!

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  9. […] TechnoBears “Down the Drain” features the vocals of DandaBear. Featured on a previous mixtape, TechnoBears will make you jump up and […]

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