Metal for Posers


Ok, so the title sounds like I’m about to bash some piece of hard music into oblivion. On the contrary, I have nothing but praise for Blood & Ink RecordsDivide the Sea. Their new release, Man is a fantastic album of diverse influences from the hardcore, metal, punk, and Southern rock realms. While Skot Debtor (label-mate of Divide the Sea, friend of mine, Straight Edge extraordinaire, and all around good guy) would disagree, I’m not really a poser, but I am no hardcore/metal connoisseur. I’ve always enjoyed some music in these genres, but my list is not extensive and I’m not any type of expert of the scene. What I do know, however, is that the sound that Divide the Sea puts forth on Man is mature, diverse, and extremely tight.

During the recent rash of great hard music that has been sent my way, Divide the Sea sounds the most diverse. Twin Killing is straight up hardcore, danceable and direct. Debtor has some different things going one, but has a true rip your face off with the metal type of approach. Here, we are treated to a hardcore/metal act that is equal parts serenity and chaos. Whereas the Death Metal growl grabs you and makes you tremble, the banjo on the album closer leaves you feeling a calmness kind of hard to describe. On one hand there are screamcore vocals that rival any good metalcore act I’ve heard in years and on the other there is true beauty in the melodic vocals that balance out the mayhem. There is a strong Southern rock influence, an appreciation for old school hardcore, and a lot of metallic guitar riffs. Like I said, diverse.

Like label-mates, Debtor, these guys are the new movement of Spirit-Filled Hardcore. Powerful, Christ-centered lyrics, are as important to the overall feel of this album as the musical is. The album is a prayer to God about being a better man, a true child of God that can lead through example and be a vehicle for Christ’s love and power. The focus here is on God and our relationship to Him as His children. And more than I have in any album in years, I can feel the worshipful attitude and the desire to become a stronger Believer. It’s quite obvious here that every word and every note are from the heart. “We fight for out King” (“Dancin’ with the Devil”).

The finish product is polished, yet raw enough to evoke the best things about independent music. Nice packaging, great artwork, and a fantastic overall feel. I love forward to listening to this album over and over. A true treat to the ears, the mind, and the soul…

These guys aren’t posers, but I even the posers can be down with Divide the Sea’s Man.


~ by thepaintedman on February 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “Metal for Posers”

  1. hahaha… I now regret my sarcastic comment. Although I probably won’t fully regret it until I get a copy of that sweet CD.

  2. This CD is fantastic. Hopefully you guys get to tour together, you’d compliment each other well. Though, I must say, their bassist is WAY better than yours.

  3. I got that El Destructo CD today… I officially completely regret and withdrawal my sarcastic “poser” comment.

  4. GREAT STUFF, huh Skot?


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