10 in 10: Back with a Vengeance

10 albums in 10 words (or less)… ready, set, go!

1. SayyadinaThe Great Northern Revisited
28 minute long tracks of kick-ass grind metal mayhem.

2. Sebastien GraingerSebastien Grainger and the Mountains
You will be bopping your head and tapping your foot.

3. think quickthe john hughes demos
Unfocused, unpolished demo of 30 tracks, but it shows promise.

4. Stars Go Dim – Love Gone Mad
Generic radio-friendly pop rock, at least it’s well produced.

5. DalaEveryone is Someone
Canadian gals with pretty voices and catchy pop hooks.

6. Theory HazitModern Marvels
Has that typical ILLECT sound… which is a good thing.

7. Jason MundokThe Other Side
More enjoyable music from this Lancaster folkster.
(Full review coming soon, so check back!)

8. Gorillaz – Plastic Beach
Gone are the Demon Days, welcome to the lackluster days.

9. Broken BellsBroken Bells
Redemption for the disappointing Gorillaz album released the same day.

10. To Write a Riot – Free EP
Taking pop punk to even greater heights of generic mediocrity.


~ by thepaintedman on March 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “10 in 10: Back with a Vengeance”

  1. i didn’t love plastic beach on first listen, but it’s grown on me. same as demon days.

  2. Demon Days was so stellar. I can’t believe anyone had to let it “grow on them”. Plastic Beach just seems so boring and blaise compared to Demon Days.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Justin Harlan. Justin Harlan said: Gorillaz – Dull, Broken Bells – Solid, Dala – Not Bad… and more… http://bit.ly/apoSTs […]

  4. it was a great album, it was just so different from the first album, which i also loved.

  5. […] Gorillaz Plastic Beach Plastic Beach=Fail. Where’s the funky beats and fun lyrics? Alicia rates this album 4 out of 10 (TPM feels quite similarly) […]

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